Highcharts Stock JS v9.1.0

Adiciona novos indicadores técnicos e melhora a navegação do teclado Wordcloud.
Maio 06, 2021 - 10:52
Nova versão


  • Added text to axis label context, making it possible to insert the default formatting inside labels.format.
  • Added additional item object context for lang.accessibility.legend.legendItem.
  • Improved Wordcloud keyboard navigation and added support for making the chart container a separate tab-stop.
  • Added error display fallback to the most recently added chart for debugger module.
  • Added new series.dataGrouping.anchor which allows you to control where grouped points are rendered within the group.
  • Added new technical indicators:
    • Disparity Index.
    • Directional Movement Index (DMI).
    • Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO).
    • On-Balance Volume (OBV).
  • Added currentPriceIndicator and lastPrice for multiple series (also to indicators and volume).
  • Added line series as available type for the RSI Indicator.
  • Added lang options for indicators parameters in Stock Tools popup.
  • Improved currentPriceIndicator button functionality.
Highcharts Stock JS

Highcharts Stock JS

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