PACE Packager Hub 2.2

Adiciona as novas regras Business Rules para adicionar automação aos fluxos de processos e minimizar o trabalho manual.
Outubro 12, 2021 - 13:33
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Business Rules

  • Added new Business Rules feature which aims to add automation to process flows and minimize manual work.
  • Your organization can adjust Business Rules explicitly to your needs and create only those that are relevant to your specific activities.
  • A Business Rule allows users to preconfigure a set of actions that the system will automatically perform if a certain combination of Order conditions is met and if the rule is invoked by the selected trigger.


  • Added a new Search feature which enables you to find data and documents across your projects quickly and conveniently. Click the search box in the top-right corner of any page, type the keywords and launch an instant search in Orders, Packages and Project Docs.


  • PACE Packager Hub 2.2 complies with modern security best practices. It minimizes both the surface of the attack and the likelihood of compromising the data contained in it.

Further improvements

  • Added new Order attribute URL type.
  • Added the ability to save the attributes to a template and then reuse them.
  • Numerous improvements to ‘Import Order from CSV’ feature such as:
    • Added the ability to map all CVS users to a single system user at once.
    • Added the ability to auto-map CSV users to system users if names match.
    • Added the ability to sort all values alphabetically for easy searching.
    • Added the ability to map values to a default attribute value/empty value.
    • Added the ability to select order types to avoid importing.
    • Added support for backward navigation in the import wizard to change previous settings.
New Business Rules

PACE Packager Hub

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