Highcharts Stock JS v9.3.0

Adiciona as novas anotações de Fibonacci Time Zones e Ellipse.
Outubro 22, 2021 - 14:53
Nova versão


  • Added new Ellipse annotation.
  • Added new Time Cycles annotation.
  • Added new Fibonacci Time Zones annotation.
  • Added new Cumulative Sum feature.
  • Added Disparity Index average parameter as a dropdown in the Stock Tools popup.
  • Added new HLC series type.
  • VBP indicator now follows the main series when the compare mode is on and compareToMain is false.
  • Changed the default SMA index parameter from 0 (open) to 3 (close).
  • Added new offset options for nodes in Sankey and Organization charts - nodes.offsetHorizontal and nodes.offsetVertical.
  • Added new annotations.crop option which allows you to hide annotations outside the plot area.
  • Added the ability to remove accessibility information sections by setting section formats to null.
  • Added support for series.accessibility.point options matching the top level accessibility.point options.
  • Added support for pageUp/pageDown in legend keyboard navigation for scrolling between legend pages.
  • Improved series keyboard navigation which now supports End/Home/PgUp/PgDown keys.
Highcharts Stock JS

Highcharts Stock JS

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