Dr.Explain v6.3

Melhora a precisão ao importar documentos DOC/DOCX.
Novembro 10, 2021 - 12:42
Nova versão


  • Added a collection of user manual templates that help you get started quickly.
  • Redesigned the toolbar in the content editor which simplifies and speeds up access to the most commonly used operations.
  • Added background color support for highlighting important content.
  • Added "Paste as plain text" with the Ctrl+Shift+V hotkey to quickly grab content from external sources.
  • Added semantic tags in HTML documents which improves your online manual's SEO (search engine optimization) and content accessibility.
  • Improved accuracy when importing DOC/DOCX documents.
  • Added "Search in filenames" which simplifies project navigation.
  • Other performance improvements and fixes have been made.


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