FastReport .NET Professional 2022.1

Adiciona a capacidade de personalizar o comportamento do relatório quando ocorrem exceções de nome de tabela e campo do banco de dados.
Dezembro 7, 2021
Nova versão


  • Added new "Advanced Matrix" object:
    • Row and column headers can contain groups and simple elements in any order. This allows you to build asymmetric reports.
    • Collapse buttons allow you to interactively manage the visibility of individual elements.
    • Sorting buttons allow you to interactively sort the matrix by the selected values, including total values.
    • Top N grouping allows you to display N values in the header, and group the remaining values into a separate element with the ability to expand.
    • Output matrix headers in a stepped form.
    • Sort headers by total values.
    • A wide range of aggregate functions.
    • Support for custom aggregate functions.
    • A wide range of functions that allow you to get the values of totals, adjacent cells, as well as functions for calculating percentages.
    • Support for "Sparkline" and "Gauge" objects in data cells.
  • Added GS1 DataBar barcodes: Limited, Omnidirectional, Stacked and Stacked Omnidirectional.
  • New properties: Config.CompilerSetting.ExceptionBehaviour and Config.CompilerSetting.Placeholder. These properties allow you to customize the behavior when exceptions with invalid database field and table names occur.
    • Config.CompilerSetting.Placeholder is a string variable that is used to replace expressions with nonexistent names. By default, the value of this variable is an empty string.
    • Config.CompilerSetting.ExceptionBehaviour can have the following values: ExceptionBehaviour.Default  - default behavior, as it was before. If there are errors with invalid names, an error message is displayed. Report preparation is interrupted.
    • ExceptionBehaviour.ReplaceExpressionWithExceptionMessage - invalid expressions are replaced by the text of the exception message. Errors are not shown at that. Report preparation is not interrupted.
    • ExceptionBehaviour.ShowExceptionMessage - A message appears with the exception text, after pressing OK, report preparation continues. Incorrect expressions are replaced with the value of Placeholder variable.
    • ExceptionBehaviour.ReplaceExpressionWithPlaceholder - invalid expressions are simply replaced with Placeholder. No error messages. Report preparation is not interrupted.
    • Example with variable values: ExceptionBehaviour = ExceptionBehaviour.ReplaceExpressionWithPlaceholder Placeholder = "NO DATA!
  • Improved translation quality of RTF into report objects.
  • Added export of watermarks to Microsoft Word and RTF.
  • Added SVG image scaling in export matrix - This improves the quality of exported images when exporting to Word and Microsoft Excel. However, this increases the size of the output file. To use this feature, you must enable the "Print optimized" option when exporting.
  • Export groups to single sheets in Excel 2007. Now you can define how an image will behave in a cell when its position and size are changed. In doing so, the image can:
    • Move and resize together with the cell.
    • Move together with the cell, but not change its size.
    • Not move or resize.
  • Implemented the ability to hide or show grid lines when exporting to Excel 97.
  • Added "Don't rotate landscape pages when printing" option in HTML export.
  • Microsoft .NET 6 support - Added .NET 6 support for FastReport.Core and FastReport.CoreWin.
  • Improvements to WebReport for Core and Blazor Server
    • Added the ability to configure exporting of reports in the required format from WebReport.
  • Separating different report pages into bookmarks
    • Added the ability to open different ReportPage pages in different WebReport tabs. To activate this feature, you need to enable the webReport.SplitReportPagesInTabs option.
  • Static Styles in WebReport
    • To be able to override the standard styles of a toolbar, outline and other elements for customization, static class names have been added. These include: fr-toolbar, fr-toolbar-item, fr-toolbar-narrow, fr-toolbar-dropdown-content, fr-toolbar-zoom-selected, fr-toolbar-pointer, fr-toolbar-notbutton, fr-toolbar-slash.
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