Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor 2022 Release 2

Melhora a conversão do XML Schema para o JSON Schema, além de adicionar suporte para um tipo de arquivo padrão.
Março 9, 2022
Nova versão


  • Improved conversion from XML Schema to JSON Schema.
  • Added a setting for maximum nesting levels for XML sample generation - When generating sample XML instance documents based on recursive XML Schemas, it is possible to create a never-ending loop of nested elements. While in the past there was a built-in limit on the number of nesting levels, now the number is configurable so developers can customize sample generation based on the case at hand.
  • Added the ability to save images in editing views - New features have been introduced in this release to make working with documents that contain images easier. When a cell in XML Grid or JSON Grid contains an image, it can now easily be saved separately using the right-click menu. Similarly, when image content is selected in Text View, the right-click context menu allows you to save it as an image/file.
  • Added a new toolbar in Project Window - The XMLSpy Project Window provides a convenient way to organize related files, such as schema and instance documents, XSLT stylesheets, and so on, as well as perform batch operations on multiple files at once. In this release, a new toolbar in the Project Window provides quick access to several of the most common project-related operations, including adding and saving projects, adding files, expanding and collapsing folders, searching for files in the project, and reloading the project. The new toolbar makes it even easier to navigate and manage your XMLSpy projects.
  • Added support for images in Project Window - When an XMLSpy project includes image files, the user can now see a preview of the image on mouseover and can double click to open the file in an image viewer.
  • Added support for a <default> file type - XMLSpy has granular settings that allow developers to customize the behavior of XMLSpy on a per-file-type basis. In the Options dialog, you can now specify the default treatment of files when they are opened in XMLSpy: treatment will apply to files that have any extension that is not already in the file-type list.
  • Added support for additional database versions - XMLSpy now supports the latest versions of the following databases in addition to previous versions:
    • IBM DB2 11.5.7.
    • MySQL 8.0.28.
    • MariaDB 10.6.5.
    • SQLite 3.37.
    • PostgreSQL 14.1.
  • Integration with latest Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse versions - XMLSpy can be integrated in the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs, with support added for the latest versions:
    • Eclipse 4.22.
    • Visual Studio 2022.