PL/SQL Developer v15.0

Adiciona os novos estilos de modo escuro e claro, além de suporte para conexões somente leitura.
Abril 12, 2022 - 9:16
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Dark and Light Mode styles

  • You can now select a visual style for PL/SQL Developer, with redesigned line style graphics. You can choose from 17 light mode styles and 19 dark mode styles.
  • In the preferences you can choose which style to use when Microsoft Windows is in light mode, and which style to use when Windows is in dark mode. By default the “Sky” style will be used for Windows light mode, and the “Glow” style will be used for Windows dark mode. You can also revert to the standard Windows style.

Read-Only Connections

  • You can now define connections as read-only, so that you cannot make any modifications to the table data or object definitions. Any attempt to make such a modification will lead to an error message.
  • There are two methods to define connections as read-only. The first is to set the corresponding property in the Connection definition.
  • You can also specify read-only connections as a command-line parameter or in the Params.ini file.

Editor enhancements

  • A macro can now be repeated by using the Repeat play function. You can specify the number of repeats, or let the macro run to the end of the file.
  • A new Code Assistant preference has been added: “Place comma before item when inserting items on multiple lines”.
  • A new function key “Comment/Uncomment Line” has been added, which is assigned to Ctrl+’-‘ by default. This function adds double hyphens to comment a line, or will remove them if already present.
  • The status line now shows the selection length next to the cursor location (line:col [length]).

Bookmark enhancements

  • If the Bookmark List is docked horizontally, it will be displayed as a menu.
  • You can now change the display name of a Bookmark. By default the display name is the text of the source line of the Bookmark.
  • A Bookmark now stores and restores both the editor cursor position and editor top line.
  • Right-clicking on a Bookmark now shows a popup menu with Bookmark functions Goto, Name, Delete, and Delete all.
  • The Bookmark List now includes window icons.

SQL Window enhancements

  • You can now pin result sets. Normally when you execute a SQL script, all previously fetched results will be cleared. To preserve a result set after subsequent execution, you can click on the tab while holding down the Shift key, or by right-clicking on the tab or on the result set and selecting Pinned from the popup menu. The result set will now be pinned, as indicated by the pin icon on the tab.
  • Changes made to the result set grid can now be viewed as SQL text in a SQL Window, Command Window, or copied to the clipboard.
  • Graphs will now automatically refresh when you re-execute the query in the SQL Window, or when you update the data.
  • You can now export column data to a file per record. After selecting the Column to files menu item from the Export results submenu, you can select the column to export, the root output directory, and an expression for the subdirectory and filename that is unique for each row.
  • If Microsoft Excel is not installed and you use the Copy to Excel function, the resulting file will now be displayed in the Windows Explorer.
  • DBMS Output tab page now indicates when output has been written.

Large Data Editor Enhancements

  • JSON text can now be displayed with syntax highlighting and folding.
  • JSON text can now be parsed and formatted.
  • XML is now only automatically formatted if it is unformatted.
  • Buttons have been added to edit the data, to post the data to the database, and to go to the next or previous record in the result set.

Automatic statistics enhancements

  • You can now sort on a column by clicking on a sort button on the column header.
  • You can now filter the statistics by name.
  • Statistic values are now displayed with a decimal group separator.
  • The grid position is now preserved after re-executing a script.

DBMS Scheduler enhancements

  • Credentials can be now be created, modified and dropped.
  • File Watchers can now be created, modified and dropped.
  • Credential, file watcher and destination can now be defined for a job.
  • Job view/edit performance improvement - Logs and Run details are now fetched on demand and limited to 100 most recent rows.

Workset enhancements

  • Clicking on the Workset button now opens the Workset selector. Clicking in the Workset button arrow shows the most recently user worksets.
  • The Workset manager and Workset selector now show the last used date.
  • You can now filter Worksets by name in the Workset manager and Workset selector.
  • You can now sort Worksets by name or date in the Workset manager and Workset selector.
  • When opening a Workset, you will now be warned if a database source was changed since it was used to the workset.
  • If a file was moved since it was last used in a workset, you can now select the new file location when opening the Workset.

Search List enhancements

  • If the Search List is docked horizontally, it will now be displayed as a menu.
  • The Search List now includes window icons and line numbers.

Window List enhancements

  • The Window List can now be sorted by window type and/or name by right-clicking on the list and selecting a sort option. The list will remain sorted until you deselect the sort option or until you explicitly move a window in the list.
  • Mouse middle-clicking on the Window List will now close the window.

Compare User Objects Enhancements

  • The output now includes “set sqlblanklines on” + “set define off” commands for improved SQL*Plus compatibility.
  • Trigger enabled/disabled status is now also compared.
  • Identity column sequences, replication packages, and materialized view log tables are now excluded.
  • Pressing apply more than once will skip differences that were previously successfully applied.

SDI enhancements

  • SDI (Single Document Interface) mode is now automatically enabled when you maximize a window.
  • SDI preferences have been added for the position of the tab row (top, bottom, left, right) and for a multi/single line tab row.
  • Mouse middle-clicking on a tab will now close the window.
  • The tab row now includes a button to switch to MDI (Multiple Document Interface) mode.

Other enhancements

  • PL/SQL Developer can now be installed for the current user only without administrator privileges, or for all users.
  • The Code Contents and PL/SQL Beautifier now support Oracle 21c loop enhancements.
  • Code Assistant, Export functions, and Compare functions no longer include replication packages, materialized view log tables, and identity column sequences.
  • Preference has been added for Oracle environment variables, such as NLS_LANG, NLS_DATE_FORMAT, and so on.
  • The HTML viewer can now use the Microsoft Edge engine for improved performance and compatibility.
  • Added a new To-Do List preference: “Double-click action”.
  • The DefaultPrefPath parameter now supports environment variables.
  • Preference has been added to reduce Icon sizes for the ribbon, trees, toolbars, and so on.
  • Connections and connection folders can now be moved up in the hierarchy.
  • When opening a Crash Recovery, you will now be warned if a database source was changed since the crash.
  • When using a main menu instead of a ribbon, the Workset items are now placed in a Workset submenu.
  • Test Window SQL output can now also be copied to Excel in XLSX format.
  • Function key “Grid: Cell Button” now also works for list boxes.
  • The Program Window will now preserve the editor positions when reloading a source.
  • File Browser now has a sort option in the popup menu.
  • SQL Window and Command Window now underlines whole word in case of errors.
  • Compiler preferences warning list has been updated for the latest Oracle versions.
  • Diagram Window Line Labels setting is now stored with default line settings.
  • Command Window BEAUTIFY command for package and type database objects now processes both the specification and body.
  • When right-clicking on an object name in an editor, object functions are now placed in a submenu in the editor popup (Parameter “InlineObjectMenu” to override).
  • When notified of file or object changes, the Difference Viewer now has a [Reload Window] button.
Dark and Light Mode styles

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