JetBrains Academy for Organizations – lançamento de junho de 2022

Adiciona 7 novos projetos para Java, Python e Go, além de 30 novos temas educacionais.
Julho 07, 2022 - 16:33
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  • Java
    • Swing project: ASCII Mirror (Beta) - Far, far away, in the lands of ASCII, there are ASCII animals that need your help. Something is not right with their mirrors - they appear crooked. In this project, you’ll find the root cause of the problem and solve it while learning the basics of Java, such as input and output, as well as working with strings, files, and object lists.
    • Topics:
      • Spring Boot: Introduction to Spring testing.
      • Working with data: PriorityQueue, Queue.
      • Additional instruments: Profiling basics.
      • Code organization: Data Access Object for JDBC, Flyweight.
  • Python
    • Project: Last Pencil - Become the mastermind of Last Pencil, a game where you get to determine the victor. In this project, you’ll play with a friend who is also learning the basics of Python. Your opponent is a computer that is an expert in the game. And it’s up to you alone to decide who wins - your friend or the computer.
    • Django project: HyperSchool (Beta) - In this project, you’ll create a service for storing and processing information about students and educational courses. You’ll learn how to create models, forms, and page templates, as well as how to store and represent data with Django.
    • Bioinformatics project: Read Quality Control - In this project, you will learn how to utilize programming for real-world biological tasks. If you love solving problems at the intersection of the sciences, this project is for you.
    • Data Science project: A/B Test for Delivery App (Beta) - Digital footprints left by users can be extremely useful for increasing conversions and improving the user experience. Companies use such data to test hypotheses about various product features. This is called A/B testing, where A and B are versions of the same feature. In this project, you will use the A/B test framework to test a statistical hypothesis about the interface of a food delivery application.
    • Django topic: Why unit testing matters.
    • The Decision Tree with Pen and Paper project has been released from Beta.
  • Go
    • Project: University Admission Procedure - In this project, you’ll put yourselves in the shoes of admissions officers tasked with implementing an algorithm to determine which students will be accepted. At each stage, the algorithm will become more complex and comprehensive.
    • Topics:
      • Control flow: Goto and labels.
      • Functions: Introduction to generics, Advanced usage of generics.
      • Networking: Making HTTP requests.
      • Types and data structures: Slice expressions.
  • Bash (Unix shell)
    • Project: Simple Calculator (Beta) - In this project, you will learn to create a simple calculator while familiarizing yourself with basic bash commands. You’ll work with variables, user input, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, functions, arrays, regex, and the bc utility, which stands for “basic calculator”.
  • JavaScript
    • Topics:
      • HTML: Sizing tables, Table alignment.
      • CSS: Specificity.
  • Kotlin
    • Topics:
      • Android: Retrieving declared views, RecyclerView Adapter mastery.
      • Concurrency and parallelism: Сontext and dispatchers, Executors, Interruptions, States of a thread.
      • Object-oriented programming: Interface inheritance.
      • Ktor: Exposed Introduction, Response handling, Basic and form authentication, Ktor CSS DSL, Ktor HTML response.
      • Control flow: Exceptions and resources.
      • Additional instruments: kotlinx.html.
  • Scala
    • Topic: Input/Output.
  • Math
    • Topics: Polynomial functions, Convex set, Probability density function in details, Probability mass function.
  • Fundamentals
    • Topics:
      • Databases and SQL: Comparison operators.
      • Essentials: Insecure cryptographic storage, Dependency injection.
      • Dev tools: Introduction to GitHub actions.
      • Algorithms and structures: Best, average, and worst cases.
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