FastReport VCL 2022.2.8

Formulários PDF interativos agora podem incluir os objetos Combobox e Listbox.
Julho 22, 2022
Nova versão


  • Added new objects for interactive forms - Interactive PDF forms can now include Combobox and Listbox objects.
  • Added new transports - There are new transports for accessing Microsoft Outlook and Gmail mailboxes via the Webmail API. Transports can send and receive reports, as well as receive result in the form of exported documents.
  • Improved script code editor:
    • Added the ability to quickly comment on code blocks using 'Ctrl + /'.
    • Added the ability to quickly add viewable variables.
    • Added new pop-up tips and step-by-step debugging modes: 'Step over' and 'Run until return'.
  • Object changes:
    • The 'TfrxHtmlView' object can now also be used in Lazarus - not available in Standard Edition.
    • Added support for left to right output when processing dir="rtl" parameter.
    • Added new 'ClearEmptyLines' property to the 'Text' object, which enables you to delete empty lines in an object. Combined with the 'CanShrink' and 'ShiftAlways' property, this allows you to collapse objects with empty values.
Interactive PDF forms

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