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Adiciona a nova faixa: SQL With Python.
Julho 28, 2022 - 15:21
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  • Added a new track: SQL With Python.
    • In the SQL With Python track, you will learn how to query data with SQL, perform data analysis with Python, work with popular database management systems, and get familiar with SQLAlchemy, a Python library that offers the full power and flexibility of SQL. In particular, you will:
      • Learn how to retrieve, store, and process data using SQL operators.
      • Work with an SQLite database in Python.
      • Get familiar with SQL queries and database cursor methods.
      • Practice using loops, lists, and various string methods.
    • This track gives you access to more than 180 educational topics and 18 real-world projects that you’ll create step by step, including:
      • Honest Calculator - The Honest Calculator is a new spin on the good old calculator. Not only will it perform all the necessary calculations, but it will also scold you for not performing simple calculations yourself. In this project, you will have to work with flowcharts in order to assemble your final app. You will learn to read flow charts to hone your understanding of loops, conditions, and algorithms.
      • Read Quality Control - In this project, you will learn how to utilize programming for real-world biological tasks. You’ll learn about key parameters of data quality and automating data evaluation with Python. If you love solving problems at the intersection of different fields, then this project is for you.
      • Memorization Tool - In this project, you are going to create a tool for memorizing lines, poems, speeches, and other text-based materials, so you don’t have to. You’ll work with the SQLAlchemy ORM and an SQLite database, and practice using loops, lists, and various string methods.
    • After you finish this track, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and resume.
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