FastReport Mono 2023.1

Interaja com seus relatórios localizados no servidor do FastReport Cloud.
Dezembro 2, 2022
Nova versão


  • Now supports partial integration with FastReport Cloud report generator.
  • Improved report validator including a new customizable column with error numbers.
  • Added template converter from JasperReports.
  • Improved 'MSChartObject':
    • The frequently used settings were moved to a separate editor.
    • Unavailable properties in the object inspector became more responsive to all the changes.
  • Improved connection to Microsoft SQL stored procedures.
  • In RTF, a setting has been added that improves image quality when printing.
  • Added support for converting from currency to accounting format for Microsoft Excel 2007.
FastReport Mono

FastReport Mono

Solução completa de geração de relatórios para o Mono Framework.

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