FastReport .NET 2023.2

Agora você pode usar os componentes Razor para exibir relatórios em seus aplicativos Blazor WebAssembly.
Março 15, 2023
Nova versão


  • Blazor WebAssembly support - Added FastReport.Blazor.Wasm package for owners of FastReport .NET Enterprise and higher. You can now use Razor components to display a report in your WebAssembly application. Blazor WebAssembly support is currently in beta.
  • Ability to open another report page - The designer now allows you add pages and dialog forms from another report.
  • New icons for Ribbon interface - New Microsoft Visual Studio-style icons have been added to the Ribbon interface in the designer.
  • Filter in properties window - A new button has been added to the properties window that allows you to enable object-specific properties.
  • Report validator changes - The report validator no longer runs in the background, but runs with a separate 'Validate Report' button in the 'Report' menu. In addition, the validator window has been removed and its messages are displayed in the 'Messages' window .
  • Ability to hide connection string - Added a new property 'Config.ConnectionStringVisible' which gives you the ability to hide the connection string in the designer.
  • WebReport changes
    • Added support for MemoryCache.
    • Added the ability to fix the toolbar on the screen.
    • Added the ability to customize export settings window.
  • FastReport.Core.Skia improvements - Improved the performance of FastReport.Core.Skia package.
  • Updated design of FastReport Cloud file manager - Changes have been made to the layout and color scheme.
Blazor WebAssembly example

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