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Adiciona um novo kit de ferramentas PKI Proxy que permite a assinatura remota de código e documento usando chaves armazenadas de forma centralizada.
Abril 19, 2023 - 14:47
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New Product: Cloud SMS

  • The initial beta of Cloud SMS has been released. Send and receive SMS messages using popular cloud services including Twilio, Vonage, Clickatell, and others. The single SMS component implements the same API for all supported services, which simplifies failover or cost balancing.

IPWorks VoIP

  • IPWorks VoIP Beta 2 Adds IVR Support - IPWorks VoIP has been updated with a new IVR component. IPWorks VoIP is a SIP toolkit for CTI applications. The IPPhone component supports inbound and outbound calls (either individual or conference), playback of WAV files, and text-to-speech. Use the IVR component to route inbound calls using custom menus. IPWorks VoIP is compatible with on-premises or hosted SIP services.

New Product: PKI Proxy

  • PKI Proxy is a secure self-hosted solution which enables remote code and document signing using centrally stored keys. PKI Proxy can be used by any PKCS#11-compatible application, including SignTool, Jarsigner and Adobe Acrobat. HSMs, PFX files and USB tokens are all supported, and the key never leaves the storage location.


  • Added JAdES Components and MAUI Compatibility:
    • JAdES, or JSON Advanced Electronic Signatures, is an ETSI standard designed to be used in Open Banking and other industries with sensitive information transmitted in JSON. The new JAdESSigner and JAdESVerifier components fulfill the requirements of ETSI TSI 119 182-1 and meet EU eSignature requirements.
    • Official Microsoft .NET MAUI support has been added.
    • Added PKI Proxy demo projects.
    • Improved support for hardware security modules (HSMs) and USB security tokens.

S3 Drive, SFTP Drive and SFTP Server

  • Support FIPS 140-2 - For greater data security on Microsoft Windows platforms, FIPS 140-2 can now be enabled for S3 Drive, SFTP Drive and SFTP Server. This is enabled via an application-level setting and requires a special license.

SFTP Drive

  • SFTP Drive is now Cross-Platform - In addition to Microsoft Windows, SFTP Drive now runs on Linux and Apple macOS. It is now easier for services hosted in Linux containers to access remote SFTP locations.

Additional Updates

  • Many improvements and features have been added across the board. Below are some of the additional updates available in this release:
    • A lighter-weight .NET DLL has been added to all .NET editions for use with Microsoft .NET 6 and above.
    • S3 Drive, SFTP Drive and SFTP Server now run on Arm64.
    • All C++ editions now run on Arm64.
    • AS4 components are now available in all editions of IPWorks EDI.
    • SSIS 2022 is now supported by the SSIS Tasks suite.
    • 3-D Secure Mobile SDKs have achieved PCI 3DS SDK Certification.
    • Cloud Storage now includes support for Microsoft SharePoint Online.
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