Dynamic Web TWAIN 18.2

Melhora a digitalização de documentos a partir de dispositivos Android.
Maio 11, 2023
Nova versão


  • WIA 2.0 Scanner support - Added support for direct control of WIA 2.0 drivers in EnumDWT_DeviceType.
  • Optimized Android Service for document scanning from Android devices:
    • The Android service is now available on Google Play Store.
    • Expanded the capabilities of the Android platform.
  • Remote Scan - The Remote Scan solution powered by Dynamic Web TWAIN is now officially available. Using Remote Scan, you can turn any of your traditional document scanners into a network accessible scanner and allow your end users to use it without any client side installs.
  • Image Viewer improvements:
    • The Viewer component has been migrated to a dedicated resource file. This will allow for viewerless implementations of Dynamic Web TWAIN, as well as reducing the load on the browser by removing the necessity of loading the Viewer resources into memory when the Viewer is not being used.
    • Added the enum EnumDWT_WorkMode with a new option for image editor setting.
    • Added new method save() to the ImageEditor object.
  • Optimized error handling during web twain initialization - Added the OnWebTwainError event for better capturing of errors during the Web Twain object initialization.
  • General improvements:
    • Updated the barcode reader library to v9.6.20.
    • Improved progress bar accuracy during the encoding and decoding operations.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

SDK de digitalização de documentos baseado em navegador.

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