FastReport Delphi e Lazarus Edições 2023.3

Melhora o editor de localização de recursos e adiciona suporte para novos tipos de assinatura eletrônica.
Outubro 3, 2023
Nova versão


  • New demo reporting center - This release combines all demos into a single demo center. It is available with the new FastReport product installer.
  • Changed operating mode of report engine
    • The new mode allows you to automatically select the font size to match the size of the 'Text' object and its content. Selecting the size to match the static dimensions of the object allows you to reduce the text if there are physical limitations when printing.
    • Dynamic font sizing allows you to control the font scale that is applied to dynamically resizing or stretching objects.
    • The report engine reduces the contents of such objects to fit the band on the current page.
  • New resource localization editor
    • With this update, you can edit language resources to suit your needs directly from the IDE.
    • Now all language resources are updated immediately without the need to restart the report designer.
  • Added new NextCloud transport - You can save and load reports from your corporate storage directly from the designer, as well as from code.
  • New types of electronic signatures
    • When exporting to PDF or working with files, you can sign documents using the following electronic signatures: CADES_T and CADES_X_LONG_TYPE_1.
    • Also added partial font embedding in PDF export which allows you to reduce the size of the PDF export.
  • FastCube for Lazarus has added support for integration with the Chart component.
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FastReport VCL

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