everviz - June 2020 release

Released: Jun 22, 2020

Atualizações na June 2020 release


  • Introduces new Layout module*
    • Combine multiple visualizations into split views, tabs, or Carousels to create even more engaging stories.
    • Allows the readers to dig even further into the data, and improves your storytelling.
    • Allows you to add your logo to brand your visualizations.
    • Initial release supports these different layouts:
      • Single - to be used if you need a single graph or map with your own logo.
      • Vertical/Horizontal/Small Multiples - show visualizations next to each other with horizontal or vertical splits. Typically used to show comparable or related information.
      • Tabs - split visualizations into different tabs, allowing your reader to interact with different charts.
      • Carousel - similar to tabs, but lets your reader navigate between your charts using previous and next buttons.
    • Branding - The new Layout module supports Themes, but with the added ability to add your own logo.

* The Layout module is available in the everviz Team Advanced and Enterprise plans.