FastReport.Net Professional 2020.4.x

Released: Sep 9, 2020

Atualizações na 2020.4.x


Updated Sep 9, 2020


  • Engine
    • Added ITF-14 barcode.
    • Added Deutsche Post Identcode barcode.
    • Added ability to align barcodes.
    • Added property PictureObject.ImageSourceExpression that allows an expression containing the source of image to be set.
    • Added the possibility to use expression in brackets in VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression and ExportableExpression properties.
    • Added the PictureObject.ImageFormat property, which allows the image storage format to be selected.
    • FastReport.DataVisualization is now added to the list of assemblies by default (FR .Net, FR.Core).
  • Designer
    • Added the ability to edit the number of rows and columns of the table by dragging the mouse.
    • Added loading of RTF texts, tables and styles when converting DevExpress files.
    • Added the possibility to load CSV files via URL.
    • Updated plugin for connecting to MongoDB, to actual versions of MongoDB.
    • Changed focus order of elements when clicking "tab" on a tab while creating swiss QR.
  • Exports
    • Added PDF/A-2u export.
    • Added property ReportPage.ExportAlias, which allows the page name when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007 to be set.
    • Now when exporting sheets without pictures from Microsoft Excel 2007, files with a description of pictures and relations to them are not created.
  • WebReport
    • The report script is now checked for malicious code. This option is enabled by default for the Web.
  • .Net Core
    • Added Dialogs for WebPreview on FastReport.Core.
    • Now you can only build FastReport.Core and FastReport.OpenSource for Microsoft .NET Standard 2.1 on supported versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (MSBuild).
    • Now FastReport.DataVisualization does not need to be added to References in user applications on Microsoft .NET Core 3.
  • Demos
    • Added new demo application. It looks better and is more convenient to use: in black and white themes.
    • Updated references to FastReport packages in demos to the latest versions.


  • Engine
    • Fixed a bug where the designer crashed when the "Start new page" property is enabled for the page header child band.
    • Fixed a bug where the value of an expression was displayed by the text of this expression.
    • Fixed incorrect drawing of ITF-14 barcode.
    • Fixed a bug with transparency of RichObject.
  • Designer
    • Fixed a bug where switching properties to alphabetical order did not work.
    • Fixed a bug with loading page size when converting DevExpress file.
    • Fixed a bug, when empty string in Datamatrix barcode causes exception.
    • Fixed a bug where the gauge window had the wrong width.
  • Exports
    • Fixed a bug when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007 in the "Seamless table" mode leading to table breaks.
    • Fixed a bug when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007 in the "Seamless table" mode leading to incorrect merging cells.
    • Fixed a bug when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007 in the "Seamless table" mode leading to incorrect exporting of images.
    • Fixed a bug where links with Russian letters did not work in PDF export.
    • Fixed a bug where the dates of creation and editing of the document did not match the equivalents in the metadata in PDF/A-1a export.
    • Fixed a bug while exporting to Microsoft Excel 97 causes exception "Huge SAT not implemented".
    • Fixed a bug with exporting texts containing ampersand '&' in Microsoft Excel 2007 export.
    • Fixed a bug while exporting MapObject to Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Fixed a bug with saving default theme in export to Microsoft Excel 2007.
    • Fixed a bug with exporting gradient fills with owner or user password in export to PDF.
    • Fixed a bug with encryption of digital signature in PDF-export when protecting a document with a password.
    • Fixed a bug with paragraph offset in export to OpenOffice Writer.
  • WebReport
    • Fixed figures absence on window print from browser.
    • Fixed incorrect calculation of page sizes in FastReport.Core.Web, if at least one page was in landscape orientation.
    • Fixed a bug where objects with Exportable = false were not visible in WebPreview.
  • .Net Core
    • Fixed problem with user applications on the Microsoft .NET Core 3, referencing FastReport.Core. Now FastReport.Compat does not need to be added to References in the user application.