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Distribuído pela ComponentSource desde 2017

Versão: v3.0 Atualizado: Feb 8, 2019


As of March 1, 2020, Highcharts Cloud has be renamed to everviz and is operated under a new subsidiary called Visual Elements, managed, supported and further developed by the same people who brought you Highcharts Cloud.

Licenciamento do Highcharts Cloud

The Highcharts Cloud is licensed per user, per year and is available in 3 editions.

To continue to use the Cloud Service in the second year, you will need to purchase a renewal license.

Highcharts Cloud Team Standard includes:

  • Users - Allows up to 10 (priced per user)
  • Charts - Unlimited
  • Google Spreadsheet Integration
    - Link your chart to your google spreadsheet to import data with ease. 
  • Annotations
  • Team Management
    - Create and design your charts with a team.
  • No Watermark
  • Custom Theme and Configuration Set
    - Design your favorite theme (template) to fit your company layout, and use it for the charts with ease.

Highcharts Cloud Team Advanced includes in addition to Standard:

  • Users - Allows up to 30 (priced per user)
  • Advanced API Access
    - Each API key belongs to one specific group, and the group's privileges are automatically transferred to the API key.
  • Webhook Support

Highcharts Cloud Enterprise includes in addition to Advanced:

  • Single Signon
  • First Priority Support
  • 99.9% uptime SLA

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