Highcharts Cloud

Gráficos online para todos.

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Distribuído pela ComponentSource desde 2017

Versão: v3.0 Atualizado: Feb 8, 2019


As of March 1, 2020, Highcharts Cloud has be renamed to everviz and is operated under a new subsidiary called Visual Elements, managed, supported and further developed by the same people who brought you Highcharts Cloud.

Sobre o Highcharts Cloud

Gráficos online para todos.

Harness the popular Highcharts charting technology via a user-friendly interface. Focus on your bringing data to life, rather than coding. Highcharts Cloud lets anyone create beautiful data-rich visualizations without breaking a sweat. Whether you are a blogger, journalist, researcher or business executive, sharing your data through attractive, interactive charts is now simpler than ever. Highcharts Cloud lets you import data from a CSV file, or a live source, such as a Google Sheet or database, or just enter your data manually. Then, visualize your data with dozens of chart types and optionally customize their layout and design down to the smallest detail. Finally, publish the interactive chart online for web and mobile consumption, or download it as an image or PDF.

With the Highcharts Cloud, the extreme flexibility of Highcharts becomes available for content producers. Journalists, bloggers and designers can create charts without learning to write code. Even developers using the Cloud can set up their prototypes quick and easy, and copy the generated code into their projects.

Anyone can create and publish interactive charts with Highcharts Cloud. No code or design skills are required.

  • Paste - Enter data directly, drop a CSV file into the editor, copy & paste from Excel, or connect to live data via our Google Sheet inte­gration.
  • Pick - The intuitive, chart editor lets you choose chart type, edit text, fonts and colors to make your data stand out.
  • Publish - Embed your interactive charts on your website, blog or intranet, or export them as images. Charts are also perfectly formatted for mobile devices and social media.

Highcharts Cloud Features:

A variety of chart types, layouts and colors for customizing your charts
Select from dozens of popular chart types and publish in minutes. Optionally customize colors, axes, annotations and fonts as you see fit.

Responsive layout across desktops to mobile devices
No need to create different charts for different devices. Every chart is intelligently re-configured to each visitor's desktop or mobile screen size.

Live data import via Google Spreadsheet or other external sources
Keep your data fresh by pulling data directly from an external source. Link charts to a Google Sheet or other repository with your most recent or live data.

You get high-performance online storage and serving of your charts, so you don't have to worry about upgrading your site to handle additional traffic (or even worry about having a site).

Team accounts provides groups with customized workflows, shared workspaces, galleries, and design-templates for consistent branding.

API access & Webhooks
The Cloud API lets you manage users and groups, as well as programmatically create and modify charts. Webhooks lets you trigger external events based on activity in Highcharts Cloud.

Scales with your needs, from cloud to on-premise installations
Highsoft offer plans for individuals and businesses, as well as private/on-premise hosting alternatives for large enterprises.