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About Janus Web ASP.NET Server Controls Suite

Adicione interfaces do estilo Outlook aos seus aplicativos .NET para Web.

Janus Web ASP.NET Server Controls Suite is a comprehensive toolkit of controls designed to provide a rich user interface to your ASP.NET applications. Includes Janus Web GridEx, Janus Web UIPanelManager for creating professional layouts, Janus UICallbackManager, Janus Web UICommandManager and more. Janus Web ASP.NET Server Controls V3 now offers support to the new Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Framework.

Janus Web ASP.NET Server Controls Suite includes Janus Web GridEX Control, Janus Web UIPanelManager, Janus Web UICommandManager and more.

Janus Web GridEX Control
The Janus Web GridEX Control supports flat, hierarchical and self-referencing data displays enabling you to create effective Outlook style Web user interfaces while easing both development and maintenance time. Display, edit, sort, group, filter, manipulate, summarize and paginate your data using an extensive object model together with several new stand alone editors like the Multi-column Combo, Calendar Combo, IntegerUpDown, MaskedEditBox and NumericEditBox.

Main Features Include:


  • Janus Web GridEX Control for .NET is a data-aware, fully editable grid component that can be bound to any table in a dataset or to any other data source that supports IEnumerable interfaces
  • The Janus Web GridEX Control for .NET does not sacrifice any group, sort or filter capabilities, when it is bound to any of the previously mentioned interfaces

Grouping and Sorting:

  • Automatic Outlook style Grouping and Sorting by an unlimited number of columns


  • The control has several “built-in” editors like: MaskEdit, CheckBox, UpDown, Calendar DropDown, Combo* and DropDown Controls
  • The Combo EditType can have several columns and also has “Type ahead” functionality


  • The control offers many advanced formatting features that will give the programmer total control over how data is displayed


  • Janus Web GridEX Control for .NET is now more functional than ever with the addition of FilterConditions, where you can define simple or complex conditions that can be used to filter, format, summarize or find rows which conform to the criteria. The new filter capabilities of the gridex control are so powerful that you could filter rows in a parent table depending on criteria met in a child table
  • The Control also presents a new MS Access like Filter Row which permits users to easily filter the data presented in the control


  • Cell, and Row Level conditional formatting can be done effortlessly using FormatConditions, Now you can specify a simple condition for a format or use the new FilterCondition property to have compound conditions which greatly reduces the code you would have to write for complex formatting calculations, also new in this version is the ability to merge 2 or more Formats in a single row for cells meeting specific criteria


  • The data in the control can be paged automatically allowing you to display large volume of information across several pages. Also the appearance of the page navigator can be customized using different kinds of predefined panels


  • The Janus Web GridEX for .NET control now adds support for binding to hierarchical DataSets and present master-detail information within the same window


  • The Janus Web GridEX for .NET control now adds support for binding to self-referencing hierarchical data sources

Preview Rows and ColumnSets:

  • Preview Rows provide a robust interface element, using them you can 'preview' one of your data columns below each row, much like Microsoft Outlook does but now with the use of GridEX ColumnSets you can also present one record in more than one row and even have columns spanning across several rows

Summarize Data:

  • Sometimes grouping is not enough and there are situations where you need an easy way to see a sum, average or count for certain columns within a group, this can be easily achieved using GroupFooters, In the new Janus Web GridEX for .NET control you can even see those footers when groups are collapsed, or present a total for certain columns in the group headers or even present totals using only those records which meet the criteria specified in a FilterCondition
  • Gridex can also present a total row per each table which is very handy feature when working with master-detail relationships

Janus Web UIPanelManager
The new Janus Web UIPanelManager allows you to deliver appealing layouts for your ASP.NET applications by using panes that can be arranged in horizontal or vertical tiles. Advanced navigation panes like Outlook Navigator Bars or Tab Strips are also provided by the Janus Web UIPanelManager control enabling you to increase the usability and elegance of your application. The appearance of the panes can be easily changed by using the built-in format styles provided by the control.

Janus Web UICommandManager
The Janus Web UICommandManager control provides basic toolbar functionality for your ASP.NET applications with a look similar to Office2003.