KendoReact R2 2021 (v4.6.0)

Released: May 11, 2021

Atualizações na R2 2021 (v4.6.0)


  • New Component: React External Drop Zone.
  • New Component: React Skeleton.
  • New Component: React Circular Gauge.
  • KendoReact Documentation Upgrade: Adding TypeScript and Hooks Examples.
  • React Data Grid Improvements: Virtualization Placeholders.
  • Data Grid Improvements: Range Selection.
  • Data Grid Improvements: Expand/Collapse All Groups.


  • buttons: fix chiplist value proptypes.
  • checkbox: pressing space key to toggle the checkbox value in Firefox.
  • dateinputs: DatePicker not closing on blur when onFocus/onBlur callbacks are assigned.
  • dropdowns:
    • multicolumncombobox focus function and value getter of events targets.
    • multicolumncombobox width differences in header and popup items.
    • scroll to focused item with different heights of the items.
  • editor: bump @progress/kendo-editor-common in /packages/editor.
  • grid:
    • selection column breaks accessibility.
    • column sortable not readed in nvda.
    • aria col index and row index are incorrect.
    • translate should not reset when fixedScroll is set.
    • fix grid column menu checkbox filter styles.
  • inputs: numerictextbox type while selected all with c0 format is prevented.
  • progressbar: fix error when unmounting and remounting the progress bar rapidly.
  • scheduler:
    • set slot height only if it's higher than default.
    • bump draggable version.
    • form property not applied to the TimelineView.
    • items overlap in WeekView.
  • textarea: remove the unnecessary types from the value prop in TextAreaChangeEvent.
  • treelist: multicolumn headers rendering after expand data items.
  • utils:
    • async focus blur triggering unneccessarry updates.
    • draggable current document.