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About GigaSoft

GigaSoft, Inc. was founded in 1993, and released its first version of ProEssentials charting components as static libraries for C++ developers in 1995. Later, Gigasoft added VBX components for VB3, VCL components for Delphi, ActiveX components for VB4 through VB6, and now offers WinForm/WebForm charting components for Visual Studio.NET. Gigasoft has always concentrated on charting and charting at a mission-critical level. Prioritizing stability, speed, and rendering intelligence. Not just a component provider, trusted by Fortune 500, Gigasoft regularly signs non-disclosure agreements, signs proprietary licenses, and provides custom programmed charting solutions to the world's leading companies. When you need more than a generic charting tool; or want more custom services from a component vendor; Gigasoft has been the quality choice for more than 12 years. All the time, establishing an exemplary track record and amazing customer satisfaction.