Integrieren einer native Berichtanzeige in Angular-Apps

Januar 2, 2024
DevExpress Reporting 23.2 integriert einen neuen leistungsstarken Angular Report Viewer, der eine native Plattformdarstellung nutzt.

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DevExpress Reporting is a powerful, versatile tool for building reports in the .NET ecosystem. It lets you design professional-looking reports with a visual editor, connect to various data sources, and customize them with charts, graphs, and interactive elements. Whether you're creating invoices, sales summaries, or complex dashboards, DevExpress Reporting offers the flexibility and features to bring your data to life in a clear and insightful way. It integrates seamlessly with WinForms, WPF, Web, and Blazor applications, making it a popular choice for developers who need a robust reporting solution.

The DevExpress Reporting 23.2 release introduces a native Angular Report Viewer. This new component seamlessly integrates into your Angular applications, eliminating the need for Knockout.js. Built for performance, it leverages native platform rendering for lightning-fast document visualization. Property management is simplified, replacing observable complexities with a straightforward event-based mechanism. To optimize development, you can now utilize native Angular components as templates for report viewer elements. Embrace a streamlined, efficient, and Knockout-free reporting experience with the Native Angular Report Viewer.

To see a full list of what's new in version 23.2, see our release notes.

DevExpress Reporting is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 12 month support and maintenance subscription. See our DevExpress Reporting licensing page for full details.

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