Hinzufügen von Tablix zu Ihrer JavaScript-Reporting-Anwendung

Januar 23, 2024
Kombinieren Sie die Vorteile von Tabellen und Matrizen, um komplexe Daten in einem strukturierten, leicht verständlichen Format zu organisieren und darzustellen.

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ActiveReportsJS is a reporting tool for web applications that allows developers and report authors to easily design and display reports within their applications. With a wide range of features, such as drill-down, runtime data filtering, and parameter-driven reports, as well as compatibility with popular frameworks, ActiveReportsJS simplifies the process of creating and managing reports.

A Tablix is a versatile report item that acts as a unified platform for displaying data in table, matrix (cross-tab), and list formats. It offers a flexible layout grid with nested rows and columns, allowing you to structure data for easy analysis and visualization. This empowers you to present detailed information, group data by categories, and summarize key metrics, all within a single report element.

In this blog, MESCIUS Technical Engagement Engineer Joel Parks shows you how to use ActiveReportsJS to add a Tablix control to your JavaScript report. Steps include:

  • Adding a Data Source and Tablix control to your report
  • Binding a Data Source and assigning Rows, Columns, Values, and Totals
  • Formatting the Tablix Cells layout

Read the full blog and give your users the ability to create flexible reports with the ability to adapt to changing data conditions.