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ExpressGridPack 17.1.5

Die Aktualisierung beinhaltet mehrere Fehlerkorrekturen.
August 21, 2017 - 8:49
Neue Version


ExpressEditors Library

  • cxLookupComboBox displays a date-time value containing the milliseconds part differently in the input field and drop-down list.
  • TcxRadioButton is incorrectly painted at high DPI settings (more than 96) if the Flat, Standard, Microsoft Office11, or UltraFlat paint style is applied.
  • TcxScrollBox - Pressing the mouse wheel and moving the mouse doesn't scroll the content.
  • TcxShellTreeView - The Folders[I].PathName property is not updated on renaming an item.
  • TdxCustomGalleryControl and descendants don't gray out glyphs for disabled items.

ExpressExport Library

  • A cell text formatted using one rich text style is not exported.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • Memory leaks when exporting data to an XLS or XLSX file.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Improve the quality and reduce memory usage when printing large images.
  • Scheduler Report Link - Memory leaks when handling the OnCanPrintEvent event to exclude events from printing.
  • TDrawGrid Report Link - Header/footer content is not printed if the SupportedCustomDraw property is set to True and the OnCustomDrawCell or OnCustomDrawCellEx event is handled.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Export - Card View - An AV occurs when calling the ExportGridTo~ methods if the View doesn't fit all the records set for display.
  • Layout View - Calling the ExportGridTo~ methods causes the "Invalid class typecast" error if the View displays layout group captions.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - Scrolling the content produces painting artifacts while an in-place editor is active.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The "List index of bounds" exception occurs when storing/restoring a customized layout of a View's in-place Edit Form after creating an auxiliary TdxLayoutAutoCreatedGroup at runtime.
  • The column can be narrowed so that its check boxes used for web-style row selection are clipped if the OptionsSelection.CheckBoxVisibility property is set to [cbvDataRow].

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Assigning an image list to the StateImages property causes the EOutOfResources exception or unexpected node height changes while the Images property is unassigned.


  • An application freezes when saving a worksheet containing a formula built with a number of references to an XLS file.
  • Clearing selection doesn't disable certain actions.
  • No data is loaded from an XLSX file created by Office Open XML SDK.

Installation (VCL)

  • Documentation - ALinks displayed by a topic title's non-scrollable area are broken in RAD Studio XE7 or earlier.
  • Documentation - Certain cross-product links are either missing or misleading in RAD Studio XE8 or later.


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