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ExpressGridPack 17.1.6

Das Wartungsupdate enthält mehrere Fehlerkorrekturen.
September 14, 2017 - 14:07
Neue Version


  • ExpressEditors Library
    • cxComboBox - The Esc keystroke doesn't close a modal form that contains a TCustomButton descendant whose Cancel property is set to True after modifying the edit value of the editor whose Properties.DropDownListStyle property is set to lsFixedList.
    • cxDateEdit - A focused editor hides the year part if the short date format includes "MMMM" and the genitive form of the displayed month name doesn't match the name's nominative form.
    • dxTokenEdit - Selecting an item from the editor's drop-down list of suggested tokens and pressing the Enter key triggers a TCustomButton descendant whose Default property is set to True.
  • ExpressLayout Control
    • Constraints do not correctly work in certain cases.
  • ExpressPivotGrid Suite
    • Memory leaks when using drag and drop to move fields between areas in the Office 2007 style customization form if the "Defer Layout Update" option is enabled.
  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
    • Problem when press arrow keys when cxGrid has Detail.
    • Server Mode - Inserting a new record doesn't fire the View's OnFocusedRecordChanged event.
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
    • TcxDBTreeList - Changing a bound field's ReadOnly property value creates a node while inserting another node which is not posted yet.
    • The content cannot be scrolled if the tree list's OptionsBehavior.AlwaysShowEditor property is set to True and a cell's in-place editor is currently active.
  • ExpressSkins Library
    • Problem with caption of tdxRibbonForm.
  • ExpressSpreadSheet
    • Copy data from Spreadsheet to Excel via clipboard ignores decimal separator.
    • Custom format "General..." shows inplace-editor for date format.
    • The font name and/or size of the rich text formatted content displayed in a worksheet cell cannot be customized using a corresponding command (TAction object).
  • ExpressVerticalGrid Suite
    • Delphi XE7, Can't change Glyph in TcxRTTIInspector.


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