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ExpressNavigationPack 17.1.7

Das Wartungsupdate enthält mehrere Fehlerkorrekturen.
Oktober 12, 2017 - 15:49
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ExpressBars Suite

  • Ribbon - An AV occurs when a ribbon with the QAT is merged with a ribbon without it.
  • Ribbon - Customization Form - Moving an item from the "Customize the Ribbon" list to another group or submenu in this list causes the "Argument out of range" exception.
  • Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView - Menu buttons without glyphs display cropped text when the Metropolis or Metropolis Dark skin is applied.
  • Skin is painted bad after change form's size.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxRichEdit - Memory leaks when calling the SaveSelectionToStream method.
  • TcxButton - A button whose OptionsImage.Margin and OptionsImage.Spacing properties are set to -1 displaces its caption and glyph if the current DPI value is 192 or higher.
  • TcxButton - The OptionsImage.NumGlyphs property is initialized to the default value, ignoring a change made at design time.
  • TcxButton doesn't receive the MouseLeave event after destroying its handle in certain cases.
  • TcxGroupBox - An embedded TToolBar's background is painted in black in certain cases.
  • TdxActivityIndicator - The TabStop property is True by default.
  • TdxTokenEdit, TcxCheckComboBox, TcxCheckGroup, or TcxRadioGroup - TcxButtonGroupItems descendants containing a number of items are assigned to other collections very slowly.

Installation (VCL)

  • Documentation - Links located under the title are incorrectly arranged in certain topics.
  • Documentation - Replace the "Related Information" section's ALinks with direct links specifying the corresponding product in RAD Studio XE7 or earlier, making the links consistent with those provided in RAD Studio XE8 or later.


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