DevExpress ASP.NET 19.1.4

Verbessert die Steuerelemente für Dateneditoren, Html Editor, Pivot Grid, Rich Edit, Scheduler und Spreadsheet.
Juni 25, 2019 - 10:47
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ASP.NET Web Forms

All ASP.NET Controls

  • ASPxListBox (standalone or inside ASPxGridView / ASPxPivotGrid popup header filters) items are misaligned in a custom theme


  • ASPxVerticalGrid - Batch Editing - Horizontal scrolling works incorrectly on an attempt to edit a cell if data is sorted by a non-key column


  • ASPxSpinEdit - Google Сhrome handles spin edit buttons as images on smartphones after the update to v18.2.5
  • ASPxDateEdit - The keyboard navigation in calendar does not work when AccessibilityCompliant is enabled
  • ASPxGridView - A dropdown of a date editor in a filter row closes immediately after opening
  • ASPxMemo has an incorrect text color if it's disabled in the Material theme


  • Adaptivity - Text of GridView columns becomes duplicated after switching from the adaptive mode to the regular mode if sorting is applied to specific columns
  • ASPxGridLookup - Rows of the drop-down GridView control are not updated while scrolling GridView content in Virtual Scrolling mode if GridView is bound to a server-mode data source
  • ASPxGridLookup - Selected rows in a nested GridView control and ASPxGridLookup's value are reset if a currently applied filter results in showing an empty grid
  • ASPxGridLookup - The KeyNotFound exception occurs when the editor has a composite key and an initial value is specified
  • A grid is not rendered on the page if the SelectAllCheckboxMode property is set to All and the UnselectRowByKey method is used
  • An edit form layout item hidden in the BeforeGetCallbackResult event handler becomes visible when a callback is executed in the grid with the opened edit form
  • Batch Editing - A drop-down window of ASPxDateEdit is hidden behind grid elements in Chrome on iPhone10
  • Data from other pages is not displayed after clicking the 'Preview Changes' button if a column's EditFormSettings.Visible property is set to False
  • Fixed groups do not work if some nodes are collapsed
  • Position of Popup Edit Form with large content is incorrect in the Right To Left layout
  • Refreshing a grid restores the previous layout although it was replaced by another one
  • The grid's layout is incorrectly calculated in adaptivity mode (AdaptivityMode="HideDataCells")


  • A placeholder's color and the underline font setting cannot be changed
  • A script error occurs on an attempt to insert certain content in PlainText paste mode in Chrome


  • OLAP - Pivot generates a slow MDX query to filter a Ragged Hierarchy if the excluded filter is used
  • OLAP - The "non empty" statement/keyword cannot be removed from MDX queries
  • Web.PivotChart - ArgumentException occurs when the Show Prefilter context menu is used


  • "Unable to get property 'parentNode' of undefined or null reference" error occurs on invoking a context menu after loading a document on a callback request (IE 11)
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown while opening a document
  • The "An unspecified error occurred and the editor needs to be reloaded." error occurs on deleting text inserted with the client insertRtf command
  • The "An unspecified error occurred and the editor..." exception is thrown on spell checking a hyperlink element
  • The "Cannot read property "hyperlinkTip" of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to move a floating textbox upon a table
  • The CalculateDocumentVariable event is not raised on mail merge when the result is downloaded
  • The client-side private __aspxRichEdit.PasteSelectionCommand and __aspxRichEdit.ClipboardCommand commands are not available
  • The Copy/Paste functionality works incorrectly when text is highlighted  
  • The CR/LF characters are removed from copied text when the Shift+Insert shortcut is used for pasting
  • The full paragraph is pasted on an attempt to copy and paste its part in ASPxRichEdit opened in another browser tab
  • ASPxRichEdit doesn't display images from a hibernated document
  • ASPxRichEdit doesn't restore width correctly after it returns from the FullScreen mode in XAF applications
  • ASPxRichEdit unexpectedly jumps to another page on inputting text with a touch-enabled screen
  • The "TypeError: Illegal constructor'" error occurs after the insertPicture command is executed
  • The "An unspecified error occurred and the editor needs to be reloaded." error occurs on clicking the "Undo" button after inserting a hyperlink into a document
  • The "REInsertImageDialog is not defined" error occurs while inserting an image using the "Insert -> Inline Picture" dialog
  • The "Uncaught TypeError: Illegal constructor" error occurs on executing the insertPicture command

ASPxScheduler Suite

  • A custom visible interval specified in the VisibleIntervalChanged event handler is not applied to the Day view if a client render is enabled
  • Agenda View appointments can not be filtered using an external Resource Navigator in "Tokens" mode
  • All Day Area selection works incorrectly in the "WorkWeek" view after adding a custom holiday
  • The "Index was out of range" error occurs after switching to a Timeline view when ResourceNavigator's mode is Token
  • The appointment tooltip is shown and cannot be closed on clicking the appointment in resize mode in iOS
  • The Theme property is not applied to internal controls
  • Typing a capital letter that corresponds to the first letter of a view in the appointment editor causes active view switching when AppointmentFormVisibility is set to "FillControlArea"
  • Visual Studio 2019 - Changes in Design View are not updated in Source View when ASPxSchedulerControlPrintAdapter is located within UpdatePanel


  • Cell values are not updated on the client if it was cleared and then reverted to a previous value or set to a custom value in the CellValueChanged event handler
  • Data Validation Dialog - A range with the relative reference is created when a source range for the List validation criteria is selected
  • The Clear and Reapply buttons are incorrectly enabled in certain cases  
  • The rowIndex and columnIndex properties are reversed in the CellEndEdit event handler for the cell with the list validation
  • The Undo Changes shortcut (ctrl+z) does not work if the ribbon is hidden
  • The validation error occurs in a different way for a certain document as compared to Microsoft Word
  • A JavaScript error occurs on an attempt to scroll a document that contains frozen rows if the height of these rows exceeds the visible document height
  • The CellValue.IsDateTime property is ignored for the SpreadsheetCellEventArgs.OldValue parameter of the CellValueChanged event


  • The 'DevExpress.Utils.UrlAccessSecurityLevelSetting' does not contain a definition for 'ReportingSpecificResources' error occurs in ThemeBuilder


  • "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" error occurs on creating a new node when ASPxTreeList is bound to an empty data source and the ASPxTreeListTemplateReplacement control is used in the Edit Form
  • Custom CSS classes are incorrectly assigned to filter cells
  • The SettingsLoadingPanel.Text and SettingsText.LoadingPanelText properties can be used to set the text displayed within a loading panel

Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • ASPxFileManager - A file is uploaded to the currently active folder but not to the initially active folder
  • ASPxFileManager - A quick scroll of ASPxFileManager items results in sending an infinite number of requests to the server in the iOS theme
  • ASPxFormLayout - There is no client-side API to hide a set of items without a delay
  • ASPxLoadingPanel - Borders and shadow are not shown in Edge
  • ASPxPageControl - Tabs are dragged incorrectly in RTL mode
  • ASPxPopupControl - Incorrect border and padding is visible around a popup in the BlackGlass theme
  • ASPxPopupControl - The SpriteProperties.CheckedCssClass property is not available for MaximizeButtonImage
  • ASPxPopupControl content specified using the ContentUrl property value is not shown on a page load in Chrome (75.0.3770.80)

XtraCharts Suite

  • A client-side error occurs when moving the pointer in the chart's diagram area when an indicator is defined
  • The Crosshair Cursor panel position is incorrect when a custom style is applied to WebChartControl

XtraReports Suite

  • ASPxWebDocumentViewer - It is not possible to submit the empty multi-value report parameter due to a validation error


All ASP.NET MVC Products

  • GridView - A client-side error occurs when DevExpress scripts are loaded separately for each extension by using the GetScriptsEx method

MVC CardView

  • There is no capability to specify a custom template for group row content using a corresponding action (lambda) in the SetGroupRowTemplateContent method

MVC Data Editors

  • Combobox - A height a drop down window is calculated incorrectly in the Adaptive mode after executing a callback request
  • DateEdit - Focus is accidentally moved from the time section to the text box when time editing
  • GridLookup - Accessibility - The "Shift+Tab" key combination does not work
  • MVCxSpinEdit - Validation fails when the editor value equals 0 and the model value type is not nullable
  • The layout of the ListBox extension with the "100%" height is incorrectly calculated if CaptionSettings.Position = EditorCaptionPosition.Top

MVC GridView

  • A JavaScript exception occurs on changing a value of the second DateEdit if another DataEditor ID is assigned to its StartDateEditID property
  • Accessibility - Column reordering does not work in Customization Dialog if AccessibilityCompliant is enabled
  • Batch Editing - A focused row is not assigned, and the Delete toolbar item is disabled if a new row is not added to the data source
  • Horizontal scroll bar cannot follow the focus position when the first column is fixed
  • The alternating row coloring is incorrect after scrolling and sorting in the Endless Paging mode
  • The entire content of the Adaptive Detail Layout becomes hidden if the Items.AddCommandItem method was used with the name of a hidden command column
  • There is no capability to display CommandColumn items in the Adaptive mode if the Adaptive Detail Layout is customized

MVC HtmlEditor

  • The system iframe can be focused on the Tab key press

MVC Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Extensions

  • ASPxPopupControl - Control bounces on scroll if the zoom level is > 100%
  • FileManager - State is not stored in cookies

MVC Pivot Grid

  • Empty values are still shown when Show Blanks is False on layout restoring

MVC QueryBuilder

  • It should be possible to modify an incorrect query definition

MVC Report

  • An unhandled exception occurs after closing a report in the End-User Report Designer
  • Data Source Wizard - Changes for stored procedure parameters do not produce any effect
  • Drag-drop does not work correctly after running Query Builder
  • dxDropDownEditor widget definition is missing in the configuration file generated by the devextreme-bundler-init command
  • Report Wizard - A report page has incorrect proportions on the Page Settings page
  • Report Wizard - The 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'sqlDataSource' of null' error is thrown when the 'Data-bound Report' option is selected
  • The Data Member property is not set by Data Source Wizard
  • Web Report Designer - A field name from another data member is cut when a band's data member name starts with the same string
  • Web Report Designer - The WholeRange.AlwaysShowZeroLevel property is ignored by XRChart

MVC RichEdit

  • SqlOfficeStateProvider - User request to document A waits till another user's request to document B ends
  • The "Last inserted history items were not found" JS error occurs if the inserted text's format is changed in the ContentInserted event handler
  • An error message is shown when a callback is sent before a synchronization callback has finished
  • An image cannot be pasted from one document to another opened in different browser tabs if Windows Authentication is enabled
  • The editor freezes on an attempt to open a specific file
  • RichEdit with the specified RangePermissions - It's not possible to add a new paragraph to the end of a document even if the latest RangePermission is editable

MVC Scheduler

  • Appointment Form layout is calculated incorrectly while running the "RWA - Responsive Template" demo on mobile devices
  • MVC Scheduler - The value typed to the ComboBox isn't applied to the appointment
  • Scheduler - How to enable AppointmentDatesHighlightMode in ViewVisibleInterval to Labels
  • Scheduler - The "Can't create editor for X" error occurs if a custom field it is of the nullable number type

MVC Spreadsheet

  • The "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation" error occurs when the "Save As" operation is hidden on the Ctrl +S key combination press
  •  Cell editing is incorrectly finished after navigating to cells using arrows key while entering formula
  • Spreadsheet works incorrectly after an Ajax request

ASP.NET Bootstrap

Bootstrap Charts

  • BootstrapLineChart - It is not possible to change the BootstrapChartLineSeries thickness
  • BootstrapRangeSelector - The widget cannot be disabled via the SetEnabled method and the Enabled property

Bootstrap Data Editors

  • BootstrapTagBox - Styles are not applied to an editor when the ClientEnabled property is false
  • BootstrapTextBox doesn't render digits when running on Android 8 if MaskSettings and MaxLength are specified

Bootstrap GridView

  • It is not possible to cancel focusing in the FocusedCellChanging event handler
  • Styles are not applied to error messages in a popup edit form  
  • The "IsEnabledAdaptivity is not a function" JavaScript error occurs if the Adaptive layout is used
  • The header filter popup height is incorrect after resizing

Bootstrap Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Controls

  • BootstrapFileManager works incorrectly when the ClientVisible property is set to false initially
  • BootstrapFormLayout - The ActiveTabChanged event is not raised for BootstrapTabbedLayoutGroup  
  • BootstrapPopupControl with the specified Height property - The size of the internal <iframe> element is calculated incorrectly if the content URL is specified before showing the popup

Bootstrap Scheduler

  • The CSS class is applied to incorrect cells in HtmlTimeCellPrepared if the displayed resources are changed with the resource navigator


Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core

  • The "Word found unreadable content in document." error occurs when opening a downloaded DOCX document in Word
  • If the Mail Merge data source contains more than 20 records, all records after the 20th record are not displayed

Spreadsheet for ASP.NET Core

  • It is not possible to capture a moment when a cell value changes

XtraReports Suite

  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown when choosing a JSON data source in the Report Wizard in Visual Studio Report Designer
  • Web Report Designer - Closing the report designer menu causes the JavaScript "Object doesn't support property or method 'blur' occurred" error
  • Web Report Designer for ASP.NET Core - RegisterDataSourceWizardConnectionStringsProvider does not work
  • WebDocumentViewer for ASP.NET Core - Client-side GetReportPreview method is not defined
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