DevExpress VCL Subscription 19.1.6

Verbessert RichEdit-, Scheduler- und VerticalGrid-Steuerelemente.
Oktober 17, 2019 - 10:15
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ExpressBars Suite

  • A custom color assigned to the bar manager's DockColor property at design time has no effect on dock controls at runtime
  • A submenu/popup menu whose ItemOptions.Size property is set to misLarge incorrectly paints icons for in-place editor bar items
  • Ribbon - Activating a tab of a minimized Ribbon control located on a secondary form disables the form's standard actions (TAction objects)

ExpressDocking Library

  • TdxContainerDockSite descendants created by a dock operation scale twice if the monitor DPI is not 96

ExpressEditors Library

  • A value selected via the "Select a Value..." combo box on an Excel-inspired filter dropdown's "Numeric Values" tab does not update the filter criteria for a container control item whose data type is FmtBcd
  • In-place cxCheckComboBox - A container control item's cells do not show the hint passed as the AData.ErrorText parameter in the item's OnValidateDrawValue event handler for an error icon
  • TcxCustomDropDownEdit descendants apply the form transparency to their popup windows

ExpressExport Library

  • Export to XLS or XLSX - The cxExportPivotGridDataToExcel procedure excludes one row from the resulting file's frozen pane


  • A frame scales the font size of controls whose ParentFont property is set to True twice if this frame is created in a scaled form at runtime
  • SVG Images - A "gradientTransform" attribute's value of the "linearGradient" element is ignored


  • Decoding content encoded using the Flate compression freezes an application in certain cases

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • Export to XLS or XLSX - The cxExportPivotGridDataToExcel procedure exports grouping values from total headers instead of their display values

ExpressPrinting System

  • LayoutControl Report Link - A layout group with scrollable content is printed incorrectly
  • Spreadsheet Report Link - The last cell in a row paints its right border over the left border of the first cell in the row below

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Banded Table View - Column positions loaded from an inherited form's DFM file are not applied in certain cases
  • Export - ExportGridDataTo~ procedures incorrectly export column references used in conditional format rules that have the "Apply to the record" option selected if the grid View is grouped or includes a certain set of bound columns

ExpressRichEdit Control

  • An AV occurs on creating the Rich Edit control in an ISAPI extension
  • The "List index out of bounds" exception occurs when a user clicks a relative hyperlink in a new document

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • An event's in-place editor blends its text with the background if the MetropolisDark, TheBezier, or VisualStudio2013Dark skin is applied

ExpressSkins Library

  • cxSpinEdit - The editor's disabled up arrow button does not appear disabled if the Bezier or Office2019Colorful skin is applied


  • Cell comments are incorrectly loaded from certain XLS files
  • ExpressSpreadSheet.chm file cannot be opened for viewing

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

  • The TcxvgController.MakeRecordVisible function does nothing if the vertical grid has no handle
  • The vertical grid incorrectly arranges its elements when the TopVisibleRowIndex property value is greater than 0 and the LayoutStyle property value switches to lsBandsView or ulsBandsView
DevExpress VCL Subscription

DevExpress VCL Subscription

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