YouTrack 2023.2

Verbessert die Zusammenarbeit in der Wissensdatenbank mit der Unterstützung für Inline-Kommentare.
September 28, 2023
Neue Version


Knowledge Base has become more collaborative and informative

  • Discuss anything using inline comments - Your team can now use inline comments to discuss specific content in articles and provide additional context. You can select part of an article and then add comments, mention your colleagues so they get notifications, and resolve threads when the discussion is finished. The whole history of your conversation will be saved for future reference in the comments section below your article.
  • Export article content to PDF - The new PDF export feature in YouTrack's Knowledge Base exports all content as is, including formatting, links, images, lists, and more.
  • View statistics in articles - You can now monitor the reach and impact of your Knowledge Base articles by tracking the numbers of total views, separate external views from users who navigated to an article via an external link, and internal views from those who opened a link stored elsewhere in YouTrack.

Helpdesk project improvements

  • CC stakeholders in tickets - Your reporters and agents now have an easier way to keep their stakeholders and team members in the loop about updates to tickets submitted in helpdesk projects. Anyone included in the CC line of a request will receive updates from your support team and have access to the ticket's details.
  • Create tickets on behalf of reporters - This feature helps you make communication with your customers even more transparent. If you interacted with a customer outside of emails or the support portal, you can now create tickets on behalf of the reporters. This means your customers get further notifications about the tickets, so you can easily send updates and keep them in the loop. The feature is also useful when you have to split one ticket into several.

Turkish language support

  • Added Turkish to the languages supported in the YouTrack interface.

Other enhancements

  • Upgraded workspace settings, the Notification Center, mailbox integration, issue lists, and issue interactions.
  • Improved YouTrack's performance. You'll feel the speed boost most noticeably when working with search queries or loading previously viewed pages.


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