YouTrack is a keyboard-centric bug and issue tracker Web application. YouTrack includes extensive keyboard support to create, edit, and navigate between issues - all major actions have easy-to-learn shortcuts. YouTrack lets you search for issues by typing queries in the search box using query completion. You can also modify multiple issues at once using the Command window with YouTrack. YouTrack is distributed as either a JAR or a WAR file, ready to run as a standalone Java process. YouTrack can also be deployed at any of today's popular application servers, including Apache Tomcat 5+, Apache Geronimo, Mortbay Jetty, Caucho Resin, and JBoss.

YouTrack Features

  • Search Box - YouTrack provides a single search box to find issues by their attributes and/or with full-text search. That's essentially all you need to search for any issues. No checkboxes, combo boxes, drop-down lists or whatever else usually bloats your screen space when you're trying to filter out existing issues. To make your search experience even more comfortable, YouTrack provides query completion and highlighting, recent searches, saved searches, and tags.
  • Search Queries...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

YouTrack 2019.2 (Build 57829)
YouTrack 2019.2 (Build 57829)
Integriert die tokenbasierte Autorisierung für die TeamCity-Integration.
YouTrack 2019.2
YouTrack 2019.2
Integriert Zustandsmaschinen-Workflows für Problemtypen und ein systemweites Message Banner.
YouTrack 2019.1
YouTrack 2019.1
Integriert Favorite Agile Boards und eine Community-basierte sprachenunterstützung.
YouTrack 2018.4
YouTrack 2018.4
Enthält benutzerdefinierte Projektvorlagen, eine Suchfunktion nach Nutzerbemerkungen und einen Timesheet-Bericht.
YouTrack 2018.3
YouTrack 2018.3
Integriert Projektübersichtsseiten, zusätzliche Felder für Text und eingebetteten Inhalt aus Google Apps.
YouTrack 2018.2
YouTrack 2018.2
Integriert eine neue Projektseiten- und SAML-Authentifizierung.

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  • Chrome 10+ for OS X

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