YouTrack Releases

Released: Apr 9, 2024

Updates in 2024.1 (Build: 27971)


  • Text field search doesn't work.
  • All users are added to helpdesk project team as agents.
  • Issue list: Comments button does not show comments and does not hide add comment buttons.
  • Action rules with userInput do not work for draft issues.
  • Inline image editing options are difficult to use, inconsistent with attachment editing behavior.
  • Workflow constructor: custom field referencing is broken.
  • Layout of an issue page shakes on narrow (mobile) screens.
  • All users are imported from...

Released: Mar 20, 2024

Updates in 2024.1 (Build: 26888)


  • Import from fails due to their API 2023-10 update.
  • Agile board entering infinite reload loop and causing DoS.
  • Record import logs per configuration.

Released: Mar 11, 2024

Updates in 2024.1 (Build: 26294)


  • "Token signature is malformed" on login to YT 2024.1 with external Hub.
  • Visual editor: Mentions stop working after adding a table.
  • Thumbnail generation is broken leading to files bigger than original.
  • Deleting VCS integration should be asynchronous.

Released: Mar 5, 2024

Updates in 2024.1


  • YouTrack Helpdesk enhancements
    • Restricted helpdesk projects - You can now restrict each of your helpdesk projects to be visible only to specific reporters. This means that your reporters from one project will not have access to tickets, online ticket submission forms, and Knowledge Base articles from helpdesk projects that you have restricted to another group of reporters. This feature was introduced for support teams that use the same YouTrack instance to handle several helpdesk...

Released: Feb 7, 2024

Updates in 2023.3 (Build: 24329)


  • SSE connection is not interrupted when switching tab on New Issue page.
  • Some E-mail notifications are not threaded.
  • Article with too many images takes too long to save.

Released: Jan 19, 2024

Updates in 2023.3 (Build: 23390)


  • Added the ability to specify if mailbox messages should be filtered by whitelist or blacklist patterns.


  • The "Text Recognition" notification popup keeps reappearing.
  • Issues IDs are swapped in linking alert.
  • Allowed origin for online form resets and leads to "Cross-Origin Request Blocked".
  • OCR init errors should not prevent YouTrack from starting up.
  • JetBrains AI toggle is broken if admin has no access to AI features.
  • Recent issues and articles panel is displayed on...

Released: Jan 8, 2024

Updates in 2023.3 (Build: 22912)


  • contextPath: broken URL when searching with search context.
  • File permission issues with text recognition on YouTrack server.
  • The newly introduced Reply-to setting for email channels is not backward compatible.
  • The issue link block expander has disappeared in Issue view.
  • Wrong link for new custom import guide.
  • Monitored branches are cleared on a repo URL update.
  • Duplicating button elements inside the editor toolbar.
  • No live update for the boards field.
  • No history items and live...

Released: Dec 27, 2023

Updates in 2023.3 (Build: 22666)


  • Helpdesk: Will no longer create new unverified duplicate reporters on each form submit.
  • HybridUI: Issue navigation buttons absent when SIV opened from issue list with query.
  • Classic UI: Cannot use issue templates.
  • No option to show hidden WYSIWYG editor toolbar.
  • 'New issue' button on new issue page doesn't respect contextPath.
  • KB sidebar: project actions are not shown on hover.
  • Long commit message is not wrapped properly.
  • Do not show Add links button if user doesn't have...

Released: Dec 13, 2023

Updates in 2023.3 (Build: 22268)


AI Assistance in YouTrack

  • Effortless summaries with AI - The new AI Assistant is powered by the JetBrains AI service. It brings AI-powered features to YouTrack to help you get a summary of content in project tasks, Knowledge Base articles, and helpdesk support tickets at a glance. No matter how long the descriptions and discussions are or what language is used, you can get an understanding of what's being said in no time.
  • Let AI generate comments for you - When you're ready to join...

Released: Nov 22, 2023

Updates in 2023.2 (Build: 21228)


  • Helpdesk occasionally treats emails as case sensitive.
  • Error appears immediately when changing issue state to duplicate.