Actipro Wizard for WinForms

Actipro Wizard for WinForms dialogs simplify the user experience of applications by taking complex tasks and breaking them up into a series of simple steps. Actipro Wizard is a lightweight control for building these wizard dialogs in Windows Forms, while conforming to the Wizard97 specifications.

Actipro Software's Wizard control provides a framework for developing wizards that follow the Wizard97 specifications.

It's design-time features allow you to visually design your wizard. At design-time you can manage all the pages in the wizard, navigate through the pages, and lay out each page's child controls. The user interface of the wizard can be completely customized and is reflected in the designer.

At run-time, the wizard automatically manages stepping through the wizard pages and...

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Actipro Wizard for WinForms 2018.1
Actipro Wizard for WinForms 2018.1
Verbessert die Infrastruktur für WinUICore-Messungen/-Anordnungen.

Preise ab: $ 87.22

Actipro products are licensed by developer. A developer license is required for each individual developer working on a project that uses an Actipro product, whether they directly work with the product...

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