Advanced Installer Enterprise

Advanced Installer Enterprise is a Windows Installer authoring tool. It offers a friendly and easy to use Graphical User Interface for creating and maintaining installation packages (EXE, MSI, etc.) based on the Windows Installer technology.

Advanced Installer Enterprise Features

  • Update XML files - Insert, replace or remove elements and attributes in XML files.
  • Databases - On install configure servers and deploy SQL scripts. Discover and list MS SQL Servers on the network.
  • Patches - Point-and-click wizard to build patches for updating your product.
  • Dialog Editor - Visually customise existing installer dialogs or create new ones from scratch.
  • Text File Updates - Insert, replace or remove strings in any text file installed by your...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.2
Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.2
Integriert eine Funktion zum Importieren und Bearbeiten von MSIX-Paketen.
Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.1
Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.1
Integriert die Unterstützung digitaler Signaturen für PowerShell-Skripte.
Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.0
Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.0
Integriert den MSIX Package Manifest Editor.
Advanced Installer Enterprise 16.9
Advanced Installer Enterprise 16.9
Installieren, Steuern und Anpassen von Windows-Diensten für MSIX.
Advanced Installer Enterprise 16.8
Advanced Installer Enterprise 16.8
Integriert eine Funktion zum automatischen Erstellen von MST-Dateien mithilfe von PowerShell.
Advanced Installer 16.7
Advanced Installer 16.7
Integriert eine vordefinierte Startbedingung und Voraussetzung für .NET Core Runtime 3.1.

Preise ab: $ 1,763.02

Licensed per-developer. This means that a Named User who owns the license may install and use the software on up to five computers (including operating systems and Virtual Machine Environments). Under...

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Advanced Installer IDE Compatibility
  • Windows 7 or newer

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