AimBetter is a DPM (Database Performance Monitoring) and APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solution that puts you always in control to quickly see, find and fix performance problems, and empowers DBA’s with an in-depth, fast results insight into your database.

AimBetter represents NextGen database monitoring – providing powerful cloud tools to identify problems on the spot.

Rony Shoshani, Operations Manager - Priority

How it Works
AimBetter is a cloud-based database performance monitoring (DPM) service that gives you deep insight into your database environment in order to improve performance, efficiency and uptime. Working with public and hybrid database environments, AimBetter is a unified solution that makes critical applications run faster. AimBetter’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to quickly identify the source of performance issues, whether from application code error, a database...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

AimBetter Agent
AimBetter Agent
Integriert die Konfiguration mehrerer Server, Verbesserungen für die Oracle-Überwachung und die Unterstützung für die Überwachung unter Linux.
AimBetter veröffentlicht
AimBetter veröffentlicht
DPM-Dienst (Datenbankleistungsüberwachung).

Preise ab: $ 4,527.60

One software license is required per instance, per year. One license - monitoring one instance, a DBA check every morning, and support on questions regarding the system - up to 1 hour each month. In...

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