Über Code With Me On-Premises

Ein kollaborativer Entwicklungs- und Paarprogrammierungsdienst.

Code With Me On-Premises enables you to share the currently opened project in your IDE with others and work on it together in real time. No more repository downloading or pulling changes from someone else’s branch. No more time spent on setting up an environment, fixing compile time exceptions, or dependency headaches to get to someone’s current project state. As a guest, you don’t even need a JetBrains IDE installed. Just click the link that the host has shared with you, and you’re all set. Develop, debug, and fix code simultaneously with your whole team on a single remote IDE.

Code With Me On-Premises Features

  • Pair programming - Invite your teammate to investigate issues and review and work on code together online in real time.
  • Swarm programming - Develop, debug, and fix code simultaneously with your whole team in a single remote collaborative IDE.
  • Training and mentoring - Invite others to your project, so you can show and explain the code to them. A great fit for the classroom and online coding interviews.
  • Simultaneous editing - Investigate issues and review and work on your code together in real time.
  • Following - Call others from wherever they are in the code to follow you as you edit. Conversely, you can track the whereabouts and follow the activities of other participants with one click.
  • Full sync mode - Use a special mode to synchronize with your session participants, and start navigating between files and actions simultaneously.
  • Audio calls - You don’t need any separate apps to communicate with others – Code With Me allows you to have audio calls during your collaborative code session right in the IDE.
  • Video calls - Not only can you hear your teammates, but you can see them too. Video calls are available in Code With Me.
  • Permissions management - Configure what others can edit and run in your project, what is available as read-only, and what is completely invisible for your guests.
  • On-premise version - Set up and run Code With Me on your own private network for extra security and compliance.
  • Diff previews - Easily track the changes made by session participants in your project, review them, roll them back if needed, and commit the good ones safely.
  • Feature-rich code insight - Experience the full power of the IDE, with code autocompletion, navigation, and other code insight features when working in a collaborative coding session in the Code With Me client.
  • Code navigation - Navigate to declarations and find usages of any objects, use File Structure to jump through the file elements, and use Search Everywhere to quickly find files, classes, and any other objects of the remote project.
  • Run and Debug - Run code and debug in a shared session, the same way you would in your local project. The Code With Me client supports the Run console and the GUI debugger, just like your favorite JetBrains IDE does.
  • Secure terminal access - If given full access, you can execute commands on the host’s machine using the built-in terminal in the Code With Me client.
  • Remote unit testing - The Code With Me client allows you to use the GUI test runner available on the host machine. It doesn’t matter what IDE, language, and testing framework the host uses - you can run it in the Code With Me client.
  • Customization - The default settings for the Code With Me client are taken from your existing JetBrains IDE. However, you can adjust the Code With Me client to look and feel the way you want at any time, with the ability to change the color scheme, keymap bindings, and other settings.
  • On-premises version - With Code With Me your project data goes through JetBrains servers end-to-end encrypted. However, some teams require an extra level of security or have a strict compliance policy. If this is your case, you can set up and run Code With Me on your own servers. No traffic will be transferred outside of your private network, and your pair programming practices will be 100% under your control.