Über Codejock Shortcut Bar ActiveX

Fügen Sie Ihren MFC- und ActiveX-Anwendungen thematische Shortcutleisten hinzu.

Codejock Shortcut Bar for ActiveX COM provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Office style Shortcut Bar navigation panel similar to the navigation panel seen in Microsoft Outlook.

Features Overview

Codejock Shortcut Bar for ActiveX COM provides several options to choose from including Expandable Navigation Bar and Shortcut List, Show / Hide Client Pane, Shortcut Icons, Caption Bar, Office and Windows Style Themes and much more. Shortcut Bar is included in Suite Pro for ActiveX COM.

Pre-Defined Themes

  • Office
  • Windows

Outlook Style ShortcutBar

  • Visual Styles
  • Shortcut Caption Bar
  • Expandable Shortcut List
  • Expandable "Navigation" Shortcut Bar
  • Shortcut Icons
  • Hide/Show Shortcut Bar Client Pane