combit Report Server Lizenzierung

Wenn Sie Ihre Lizenzanforderungen für combit Report Server besprechen möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte unsere combit Lizenzierungsspezialisten.

combit Report Server is licensed as part of List & Label Enterprise Edition.

Can I redistribute the combit Report Server royalty free?
Yes, if you would like to redistribute the combit Report Server as a complementary offering to the software application using List & Label Enterprise Edition. You can ship the combit Report Server together with your application without further costs and without a limitation regarding the number of named users. Please take a look at the List & Label licensing model and specifications.

List & Label is licensed per developer. You need a license for every developer who is involved in the overall project and/or the overall product in which List & Label is integrated. In this respect, it is irrelevant whether a developer uses List & Label functions or not. The basic conditions are fair, however they have not been calculated so as to enable large projects with maybe tens of thousands of end users to be covered by a single license. Discounts are available for developer teams.

Can I use or distribute the Report Server without building a List & Label application?
Yes, that is also possible. If you would like to use it internally, just buy your own List & Label Enterprise Edition and use the Report Server as its feature. If your customers would like to use the combit Report Server the best way is to purchase a List & Label Enterprise license on behalf of your client or have them purchase a license directly.