ComponentOne Studio Windows Phone

Enhance your Windows phone applications with this collection of over 15 user interface components.

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Version: 2016 v1 Letzte Aktualisierung: Mar 17, 2016


The 2016 v1 release was the last major release for ComponentOne Studio WinRT and WindowsPhone Editions. Updates and critical bugs will be provided until March 2017. Development is being continued in the ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition. Current license holders of WinRT and WindowsPhone editions can update to ComponentOne Studio to UWP Edition for free. Please contact

Über ComponentOne Studio Windows Phone

Enhance your Windows phone applications with this collection of over 15 user interface components.

ComponentOne Studio Windows Phone Edition expands your toolbox with UI controls for data visualization, rich text, data input and layout, as well as four class libraries which speed up development time. Designed to enhance the user experience of the Windows Phone 7, these ComponentOne controls provide you with powerful and unique functionality allowing you to build better and attractive mobile applications. ComponentOne Studio Windows Phone is also available as part of ComponentOne Studio and ComponentOne Ultimate.

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone Features and Highlights

15+ Windows Phone Controls and Growing
ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone includes over 15 UI controls for data visualization, text editing, layout, and navigation. Plus, you get four code libraries which speed up development time. Studio for Windows Phone not only fills the gap with what's missing in the standard toolkit, but it adds more enterprise-level features you can't get in the box.

Metro UI Design
Studio for Windows Phone supports the Metro UI design and interaction guidelines as specified by Microsoft. Each visual control supports a Metro theme used by default, so you can feel confident that your apps will look nice on the device.

Supports Default Phone Theme
Studio for Windows Phone controls automatically inherit the Windows Phone theme by default, but using a custom theme is just as easy.

ClearStyle Technology for XAML Styling Made Easy
ComponentOne ClearStyle technology allows developers to easily change control colors without having to modify control templates. By just setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio you can quickly give a unique look to any UI control without having to work in Expression Blend or hire a professional designer.

Advanced Data Visualization
With over 30 chart types, and a wide range of color palettes, your charting apps are just a few clicks away. Chart brings animation, advanced features, and user interaction capabilities to your Windows Phone applications. With a variety of designs and shapes, Gauges give you dashboard-style visualization perfect for the mobile platform. Or you can visualize your data geographically with Maps.

Tabular Data Editing
Only with the legendary FlexGrid control can you get tabular data editing on the Windows Phone. Display data records across columns and down rows with this simple, yet powerful grid control. Plus, unlock advanced features such as sorting, cell merging, and even editing with a platform-specific UI.

Display and Edit Rich Text
ComponentOne RichTextBox for Windows Phone is the only Windows Phone 7 control available which enables rich text editing in both RTF and HTML formats. Get rich by delivering complete rich text editing.

Code Sharing with Silverlight
Studio for Windows Phone controls share the same codebase with our Studio for Silverlight. Developers already familiar with Silverlight will be able to create new applications for Windows Phone without a steep learning curve. Reuse code and XAML and save development time.

Free Online Support
Collaborate with ComponentOne technical experts and fellow developers on the community forums. ComponentOne officially supports all forums for technical issues both during trial and after purchase.

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone includes:

  • Chart - Visualize your data with advanced charts supporting all popular chart types, interaction, data labels, and animations
  • CoverFlow - Visually navigate through items in an animated, three-dimensional graphical UI
  • DockPanel - Dock elements to the top, bottom, left, and right edges of any parent container
  • Excel - Read and write Microsoft Excel files (XLSX) with this easy-to-use class library
  • FlexGrid - Display tabular data across columns and down rows with this simple, yet powerful grid control
  • Gauges - Visualize your data and create business dashboards with attractive gauges
  • Imaging - Edit images (PNG and JPEG) and display animated GIFs in your apps
  • LayoutTransformer - Rotate, skew, translate, and scale any elements of your UI with ease
  • Maps - Display map tiles, or render KML files, and superimpose your own data onto the maps with this smooth viewer control
  • MaskedTextBox - Provide input mask validation such as phone numbers
  • NumericBox - Display and edit formatted numeric values such as currencies and percentages
  • PDF - Create dynamic PDF documents within your phone apps
  • PdfViewer - Add PDF viewing capabilities to your Windows Phone apps
  • Reflector - Display a 2D or 3D reflection of any element
  • RichTextBox - Display and edit RTF and HTML with support for common text decorations, hyperlinks, tables and more
  • UniformGrid - Neatly display child elements of equal size in rows and columns
  • WrapPanel - Create flowing layouts that wrap content vertically or horizontally
  • Zip - Compress data sent over the wire and use isolated storage efficiently and securely