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VSFlexGrid Pro Bewertungen

Anthony Lukindo
I have used this grid embedded in a Webpage, in VB 6.0, and in LabVIEW 5.0/6.0/7.1 It worked under all these environments. Deployment under exe compilation was smooth and error free. It is true, as observed by others, that all methods and properties for this grid work as expected and it has a rich collection of the same. vsFlexGrid is the grid to beat!
The Best Grid. I have compared this software to Janus GridEx, Xpress Quantum Grid, and True DBGrid. But VSFlexGrid is Different And The very best one. Many events and properites I never found in another grid component. So I can easyly manipulate it. Other component easy crash in Bound Mode. But VSFlexGrid Never do that !. Very satisfy! Thank you very much !
Hampshire, United Kingdom
A truly excellent product. Has saved us hundreds of man-hours of coding. Is robust and beautifully documented. The examples and help files make learning the component a simple process. This is the grid to have, no question.
I am so thankful to finally find a grid that doesn't have weird bugs which require lots of time to troubleshoot and develop work arounds for. This grid looks great, is easily populated from a recordset and also works well in add item mode. It has a rich object and event model. I used a different grid for a long time, which worked well but definitely had issues, which I just dealt with. Some minor, like losing the cursor in a cell after a validate event, but others quite severe... I still remember nightmares about a first row grid bug that cost hundreds of hours of development time. When our company embarked on a developing new MRP system, I decided that there has got to be something better out there by now. I have been using the vsgrid extensively in a this MRP system, which has recently rolled out, and I am happy to say I have finally found a grid that works. That may sound like a great understatement, but it goes a long way. Especially when making the wrong decision on a component could cost you dearly. I have implemented this grid in databound mode, dynamically loaded and reloaded the same grid with different recordsets and layouts, used it in add item mode, have done all kinds of stuff with it and have found that it just plain works. Period. Yeah it's got a lot of cool features, but bottom line is it just works like it's supposed to. I haven't had to spend any time tracking down weird bugs or behavior. Besides that one of my favorite features is that you can set this grid to resize row height rather than column width. In this case, you fix the columns to a specified width, then each row's height varies to accommodate its contents. This is great for things like invoices and historical notes and is a feature I haven't seen in another grid. This grid is definitely my favorite (I have been programming in VB since VB4). I also recommend going through the available demos... they showed me how to implement some fabulous features without too much effort. One of my favorites is a demo that shows how to implement dragging the column headers to implement hierarchical grouping and subtotaling of grid contents. With this grid, my fears of "what if I find problems with this grid" have been alleviated. The grid hasn't crashed my app once and I'm not worried. I don't think there is anything I couldn't do with this grid. Videosoft (ComponentOne) THANK YOU! PS. I couldn't really tell you what the support is like, because I've never had to use it!!!
West Sussex, United Kingdom
I had had enough of the grid controls bundled with VB, so I cruised about to see what I could find. VB World editor Karl Moore recommended VSFlexGrid Pro 7. Satisfied with their conclusion, I purchased the controls. You get 3 variants of the same control - an OLEDB version, a DAO version and a "lite" version. The lite version does not include the data binding so it cuts down on size if you don't need that facility. At first I was a little confused by it, as I was used to the way DBGrid works - this takes a bit of getting used to. In the beginning I experienced Illegal Operations when attempting to add records using the grid, but contacting Support kind of sorted that out (it actually cleared up by itself, but they were quite helpful and will kindly give you plenty of coding help). I've had it for a few months now, and I will never go back to the bundled VB grids. The options/customisations are limitless and whilst it takes a bit of getting used to, overall it's an excellent control and the help files give good information and are presented well.
A Programmer
Outstanding product. Use it daily, it's rock solid and very very robust. Wouldn't use anything else.
United Kingdom
We have bought several grids over the years but this is the one that we have used time and time again. It doesn't crash and is very easy to learn. Ok, the help file is not HTML help, but the tech support is excellent.
Its really a good product deviced for data driven activities which normally we carry out in our organisation. I rate the product the best .
United Kingdom
A good product, but let down badly by not having a columns collection. For example, trying to change something as simple as the column header to a user friendly name is a hassle. The FormatString command is just not flexible enough when working with ADO recordsets. If ComponentOne can fix this drawback I would rate this grid as one of the best.