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Ermöglichen Sie das Abfragen von DNS-Servern nach MX und allen anderen Ressourcendatensätzen, die über RFC-1034 und RFC-1035 definiert sind.

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Please note that as of 2012, ComponentSpace DNS Component will no longer be actively developed, but will still be officially supported.

ComponentSpace DNS Component

ComponentSpace DNS Component makes it easy to retrieve the list of configured DNS servers, construct a DNS query request using the convenient message and resource record classes, send the request to a DNS server and receive the fully parsed response. Written in 100% managed C# code, the class library offers .NET developers complete access to DNS resources from within their applications. ComponentSpace DNS is now 64-bit, .NET framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 compatible.

ComponentSpace DNS Component may be used in any Windows or Web application by adding a reference to the assembly to access the classes in the KeyTech.Dns namespace. ComponentSpace DNS is now 64bit, .NET framework 4 and VS2010 compatible.

The DnsMessage class models DNS request and response messages. It makes it very easy to construct DNS requests and access DNS responses. A separate class describes each resource record type. Each resource record class is derived from the ResourceRecord abstract...

Preise ab: $ 195.02

One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Developer License: One software license is required per developer. Site Wide License: Allows Unlimited Developers at a single...

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