Dynamsoft Camera SDK

Dynamsoft Camera SDK is a programming API that converts document images taken with a camera into scanner-quality images. It supports document edge detection, auto crop from video streams and processing features including perspective correction, noise removal, contrast, brightness, and color filter (convert to a colored/gray document).

Dynamsoft Camera SDK Features

  • Automatic border detection - The document scanning and processing library can auto-detect the boundary of a document in a video sequence. This ensures accurate captures of the complete document, rather than document cut-offs.
  • Trimming and perspective correction - The SDK can extract the document from a cluttered or clean background by auto cropping and perspective distortion (trapezoid) correction.
  • Image enhancement - High-quality image enhancement enables cleanup...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Dynamsoft Camera SDK Windows Edition 6.2
Dynamsoft Camera SDK Windows Edition 6.2
Integriert 64-Bit-Service und 64-Bit-Kameramodul.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK Android Edition 2.0
Dynamsoft Camera SDK Android Edition 2.0
Sie können jetzt den Standardbild-Anzeigemodus (Farbe, Graustufen oder Schwarz-weiß) in der Dokumentbearbeitungsansicht abrufen und definieren.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK Android Edition released
Dynamsoft Camera SDK Android Edition released
Integriert Dokumentscan-Funktionen für Entwickler von Android-Apps.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition 2.1
Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition 2.1
Integriert die Unterstützung für das Zooming in die Videoansicht.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.1
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.1
Integriert neue Methoden zum Speichern von Bildern und Dokumenten in einem lokalen Verzeichnis.
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 2.0
Dynamsoft Camera SDK 2.0
Erhöht die Genauigkeit bei der Erkennung der Dokumentränder.
iOS/Android Native App: Business to Employee, Business to Business (App is used by employees in your company, outsourcing vendors, and/or client companies) - The Software is licensed on a per...

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iOS Edition
  • Supported Environment - iOS 8+
  • API - Swift 3 and Objective-C
  • Devices - Built-in iPhone cameras
Android Edition
  • Supported Environment: Android 4.4 and above
  • Kotlin and Java
  • Devices: Built-in mobile cameras

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