FastCube VCL 2.5 updated

Released: Jan 12, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2.5

  • Added support for Embarcadero Rad Studio 10 Seattle.
  • Apply percent format to "display as percent" cells while export to XLS
  • Added support of ShortInt fields
  • Added restoring selected cell after loading schema
  • Added export to CSV
  • Added property TfcxAxisContainer.DimCaption[ALevel: TfcxSmallCount; AVisIndex: Integer]: TfcxString
  • Reimplemented XML-A export
  • If cell value is both minimum and maximum of the column/row then treat it as maximum for highlight rules
  • Fixed errors in language resources
  • Fixed error in HTML and Excel exports (error with property RepeatValues)
  • Fixed error in TfcxAxisContainer.DimValue
  • Fixed error with double destruction of popup menu
  • Fixed error in sorting
  • Fixed error in recompile.exe
  • Convert color to RGB before using it for bar chart highlight
  • Fixed design of Measure editor for Lazarus