FastCube VCL v2.10.x

Released: Feb 11, 2020

Updates in v2.10.x


Updated Feb 29, 2020


  • Fixed TDate, TTime, TDateTime fields parse for Lazarus/FPC.
  • Fixed array out of bounds error in TfcxSliceGrid.


Updated Feb 11, 2020


  • Added expression support. Expressions allows simple calculations to be performed based on measure and dimension values and functions.
  • Added methods TfcxCustomNodePopup.ExpandAll, TfcxCustomNodePopup.CollapseAll, property TfcxCustomGrid.AutoExpandPopups (true by default) which defines whether to expand/collapse all Popup Windows automatically.
  • Added date split to half year.
  • Added Range.IgnoreCase property to ignore case for text comparison. Added appropriate checkbox to range editor for custom dimension filters.
  • Added clear buttons to the measure editor form.


  • Fixed error with loading chart for Lazarus.
  • Fixed compilation for Lazarus/FPC.