FastCube VCL 2023.x

Released: May 16, 2023

Updates in 2023.x


Updated Sep 25, 2022


  • Engine
    • Added the ability to automatically select the font size to match the size of the "Text" object and its content (ContentScaleOptions property).
    • Added language resource editor.
    • Added frThreadSynchronizeProc variable to override the default synchronization procedure in FastReport.
    • Added implementation for UP/DOWN/MOVE mouse events for report script objects.
    • Added support for CADES_T and CADES_X_LONG_TYPE_1 signatures.
    • Added TfrxHtmlView.LoadFromString method to RTTI.
    • Added compatibility of old behavior in TfrWideStrins.
    • Added correction of the height of the last line of text to the tmDescent value (required for some fonts).
    • Improved language switching in the report designer.
    • Changed the TfsScript.OnSetVarValue event.
    • Changed the order of finalizing datasets.
  • Exports
    • Added the ability to partially embed fonts.
    • Added LineSpacing support for PPTX export.
  • Lazarus
    • Added a new integration package with LazChart.
  • Other
    • Added support for FibPlus, IB Objects, and BDE in the installer.
  • Preview
    • Added new TfrxPreviewTabs.CurrentTab property.
    • Added the "Search" item to the preview context menu.
  • Report object
    • Added TTeeFont and TteeShadow classes to RTTI for diagrams.
    • Changed the DefaultDatabase class from TFDConnection to TFDCustomconnection.
  • Resources
    • Updated Serbian resources.
    • Updated Arabic resources.
    • Updated Bulgarian resources.
  • Transport
    • Added support for NextCloud transport.


  • Designer
    • Fixed drop-down InPlace editor in the DPIAware application.
  • Engine
    • Fixed a bug where the frxIBO package did not compile in some IDEs.
    • Fixed a bug when the dclfqbFIB package was not compiled.
    • Fixed the name of the groups in the component palette.
    • Fixed behavior of HideIfSingleDataRecord with delayed expressions.
    • Fixed chart rendering in Lazarus.
    • Fixed TfsCustomHelper in debug mode.
    • Fixed a bug with case-insensitive keys in resources.
    • Fixed post-processing of expressions for paReportFinished/paGroupFinished when the ReportSummary/GroupFooter band is visible or invisible.
    • Fixed Job method TfrLocalizationController.ShowLocalizationEditor.
    • Fixed a problem with a blank page when duplex printing is forced in the printer settings, and single-sided printing is set for the report page.
    • Fixed behavior of the TfrxHTMLView.DefBackground method when the value is clNone.
    • Fixed an error in determining the SVG format with a BOM header.
    • Fixed several GDI descriptor leaks.
    • Fixed inheritance of styles in the report template.
  • Exports
    • Fixed PDF export with CJK fonts.
    • Fixed a bug with multi-page HTML export when the image cache was cleared for each page.
    • Fixed work of PDF form fields with owner password.
    • Fixed substitution of font names.
    • Fixed application closing with PDF export.
    • Fixed export of time format in XLSX export.
    • Fixed SMTP in TfrxMailExport.
  • Lazarus
    • Fixed PDF export dialog for Lazarus.
    • Fixed visual errors in the report designer for Lazarus.
    • Fixed the designer reopening with TfrxLazSqliteQuery.
    • Fixed Unicode output from the database for Lazarus.
    • Fixed barcodes in Linux.
  • Other
    • Fixed chart templates for FastReport Demo for compatibility with TeeChart 2023.38.
  • Report object
    • Fixed rotation of 2D barcodes.
    • Fixed list of modules in FireDAC.
  • Resources
    • Fixed string resource numbers.


Updated May 16, 2022


  • Added HiDPI support for high-resolution monitors.
  • Added integration package with FastScript (integration does not require rebuilding of the main packages).
  • Сore library
    • Added new core package with a shared code.
    • Added a new graphics core package with a shared code.
    • Added new localization packs.
    • Changed product localization system.


  • Fixed bugs in highlighting rules.
  • Fixed Access violation error when using the component in some editors.