Über FastReport Cloud

Cloud-basiertes Reporting-Tool und Dokumentengenerator.

FastReport Cloud is a cloud service (SaaS) designed to store, edit, build, and send reports for your business. Access to these reports is provided for your entire team from anywhere in the world, and there is no need to create your own application.

FastReport Cloud Features

  • Reports outside of templates - Create labels, price tags, geo-reports with maps, infographics, along with traditional tabular and multilevel reports.
  • Data security - Enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based file creation and storage with robust security. Secure login, digital signature, access control and personal data protection - FastReport Cloud has all mechanisms for secure work.
  • Documents on schedule - Set up the automatic reports generation and choose the preferred method of how the user can receive them: by download, by e-mail, or by accessing the repository.
  • Teamwork - Gain access from different devices anywhere in the world.
  • Storage of documents - Convenient data path with the ability to save files in the desired format.
  • Integration - Interaction with the reporting system from existing applications.
  • Building reports and documents
    • Creation of documents based on the FastReport report generator.
    • Creation of the document's layout (template) in a cross-platform visual designer - you can change the appearance of the document in any browser without a permanent connection to the Internet.
    • Using templates previously created in FastReport .NET, FastReport Desktop or FastReport for DBA.
    • The report can contain data from JSON, CSV, XML, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle.
    • Creation of documents in the most popular formats: PDF, XLSX, DOCS, PPTX, Open Office.
    • Multilevel data grouping, sorting, and filters.
    • Unlimited data processing capabilities in scripts.
  • Supported types of documents and reports
    • Exporting documents as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, Open Office, Libre Office documents, HTML.
    • Support for QR codes, barcodes (linear and 2D), creation of labels.
    • Reports in the form of tables.
    • Built-in business graphics, reports in the form of charts, geo-reports.
    • Multilevel reports with the master-detail relationships. The number of levels is unlimited.
    • Cross-tab reports from several reports of different types.
    • Matrix reports with pivot grid and pivot table.
    • Drill-down and drill-through reports.