JavaScript-Datenraster mit der Darstellung einer Tabellenkalkulation.

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Handsontable is the new name for Handsontable Pro.


Handsontable is a JavaScript component that is independent from any external framework. It can be easily modified or extended with custom plugins. It also binds to any source using the JSON format and is capable of handling large amounts of data. You can easily perform data operations and provide end-users with an Excel-like experience. Handsontable comes with wrappers and directives for most popular frameworks, such as Angular, React and Vue. The component supports multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

Handsontable Features

  • Alignment - Decide where the content is placed within the cell or a range of cells.
  • Autocomplete - Choose one of the suggested options while typing or entering a custom value.
  • Binding rows with headers - Bind rows with headers to lock the row number and always display one beside the other.
  • Checkbox - Add a checkbox to a cell to indicate binary choices.
  • Collapsing columns - Expand and collapse columns to better fit the content.
  • Column summary - Make pre-defined calculations...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Handsontable V7.3.0
Handsontable V7.3.0
Integriert uiContainer und verbessert somit die Lesbarkeit von contextMenu-Elementen.
Handsontable V7.2.0
Handsontable V7.2.0
Verbessert das Such-Plugin.
Handsontable V7.1.0
Handsontable V7.1.0
Erstellen Sie HTML-Tabellen mithilfe von Handsontable-Instanzen und erfassen Sie Handsontable-Einstellungen aus HTML-Tabellen.
Handsontable V7.0.3
Handsontable V7.0.3
Entfernt eval () aus dem Formel-Parser-Modul, um Content-Security-Richtlinien zu erfüllen.
Handsontable V7.0.1
Handsontable V7.0.1
Verbesserungen verhindern Ausrichtungsprobleme bei Implementierungen mithilfe der CSS-Umwandlung.
Handsontable V7.0.0
Handsontable V7.0.0
Deklarieren Sie die Breite/Höhe einer Tabelle mit relativen Werten (%, vh, vw, rem, em).

Preise ab: $ 774.20

Developer License: 1 Developer, Perpetual License, 1 year of free upgrades, Full source code, Internal applications, The Developer licenses do not allow the distribution of Handsontable in an OEM or...

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Component Type
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.js

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