Über HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

Automatisieren Sie beliebige Geschäftsprozesse in SharePoint Online einfach und ohne Programmierung.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365 is a tool that adds custom workflow actions to Microsoft SharePoint Online, enhancing its functionality. By adding features like email sending, document conversion, and more to SharePoint workflows, users can automate various business processes and improve efficiency. The tool also has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create and manage workflows without extensive technical knowledge.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365 features

  • Office 365 Workflow Extensions Actions in Microsoft SharePoint Designer - More than 230 workflow actions in 20 different categories included, which allow you to realize any scenario in your workflow without coding - you just need to take the appropriate actions and setup values.
  • Account Home Page - This dashboard provides general information about product utilization: applied subscription plan and period, usage statistics and other account details.
  • Current Site Collection Status - Usage Chart - The handy usage charts easily illustrate the utilization of HarePoint Workflow Extensions activities for the specified Site Collection.
  • Maintenance Page that handles Workflow Actions Deployment and Upgrade - This solution contains intelligent Maintenance section that allows you to easily perform all operations with HarePoint Workflow Extensions like installation or upgrades.
  • Workflow Actions Upgrade in Progress - Smart wizards included in this solution provide detailed information about all steps of running operations.