Über HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Aktivitäten für die Erstellung von Microsoft SharePoint-Workflows, um jeden Geschäftsprozess ohne Programmierung zu automatisieren.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions provides over 350 new 'ready-to-use' activities for Microsoft SharePoint workflow development. The product is fully supported by all workflow development tools from Microsoft and there is no need to migrate and adapt current workflows to a new development environment, or to master and deploy new development tools.

Key Features of HarePoint Extensions for SharePoint

  • Start using new capabilities in 5 minutes after download. Fast installation wizard, no post-configuration is required.
  • Ready to use, powerful and tested framework for your SharePoint workflows.
  • No need to change anything, just add new actions.

Popular action categories

  • Office Applications - The activities from this group can read and write Microsoft Office documents. They can be used for generation of bills and invoices or, for example, filling in forms and addresses on envelopes within a workflow.
  • Documents and Images Conversion - A set of workflow actions to convert documents and document libraries to Word Documents (docx), Word 97-2003 Documents (doc), as well as PDF, RTF and XPS formats. 13 workflow actions for image processing, conversion and resizing, getting EXIF properties and much more.
  • E-mail - Now you can easily send documents, list item attachments, and files from local disks, network shares or the Internet by email in SMTP protocol. Beyond that you can receive emails from POP3 mailboxes.
  • Network - With activities of this set you can send messages to Twitter and to instant messengers like Google Talk via XMPP protocol, as well as upload documents to FTP servers, send HTTP POST and GET requests, and read RSS news feeds.
  • Active Directory - The workflow actions and workflow conditions from this set allow managing Active Directory users and groups, including getting and setting their properties and attributes.
  • Documents printing - Printing activities in HarePoint Workflow Extensions provide unique opportunity to print any required documents directly from SharePoint workflow. These activities allow you to enhance your business processes providing the feature to print the documents (PDF, Word, Excel, text) and images (PNG, JPG, TIFF) automatically.

All Activity Categories

  • Active Directory
  • Administration
  • Arrays (Free)
  • Date and Time (Free)
  • Development
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Library
  • E-mail
  • Images
  • Lists
  • Network
  • Office
  • Permissions
  • Printing
  • Strings (Free)
  • Workflow

Which license Model?

  • Limited License - Has a limited set of available activities: only the Free Set of Activities (listed above) and any five of the Paid Activities of your choice.
  • Full License - Includes all available activites.