Über HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions for SharePoint 2013/2016

Automatisieren Sie ganz einfach Geschäftsprozesse ohne eine Codierung in SharePoint.

Get more power and freedom developing workflows in the SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013 workflow platform with the help of HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions. Automate business processes on SharePoint quickly and easily. HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions provides all the tools to save you valuable time developing and supporting the management of workflows. There is no need to spend time learning new products, just use well-known ones: SharePoint Designer 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio. HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions includes more than 190 actions to help solve tasks such as site provisioning, integration with social services (Yammer, Twitter, MailChimp), sending, receiving and creating emails with dynamic content in different formats, as well as extending network connectivity.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Workflow Manager includes more than 190 new actions added to the standard set of actions available in SharePoint allow you to solve the following tasks:

SharePoint Site Provisioning:

  • Create/Delete/Rename sites or Site Collections.
  • Change Site Themes.
  • Configure access permissions.
  • Activate/deactivate site features.
  • Configure Lists and Libraries.
  • Manage notifications.

Integration with Social Services:

  • Yammer.
  • Twitter.
  • MailChimp.

Sending, receiving and creating emails in different formats and with dynamic content:

  • Receive e-mail from IMAP or POP3 server and add them to Lists.
  • Save e-mail attachments as List items.
  • Send e-mail with attachments.
  • Add custom headers to e-mails.

Extend network connectivity:

  • Interact with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Work with FTP Servers.
  • Send HTTP GET and POST requests.
  • Interact with Microsoft Exchange Server.